Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fashion: ZARA Plaited Shopper Bag Inspired


Hello Sweeties,

there is something I really want to share and I think it is good for those who love fashion and it a budget control,,,

I've been eyeing for this ZARA Plaited Shopper Bag since last year

and guess WHAT????


Wait Wait Wait, This is ZARA Plaited Shopper Bag INSPIRED only!! eheheee...
I find it is hard to get this design at ZARA Outlet in Malaysia!! I don't know it is either out of stock or the manufacturer for this design had been stop or what but Finally I found the Inspired design of this shopper bag..I only bought this handbag at Groupon..YES GROUPONNNN!! I like open the Groupon website because they always have a great deal..I was blinded crazy with GROUPON now..HELP ME! ehee..

Okay, Back to the Handbag..The handbag size was 37cm x can choose from different color from Brown, Blue, Wine Red and can style with 3 different style first with shoulders, hand held and diagona(adjustable) ..

I notice that the original ZARA Plaited Shopper Bag price was RM480 and The inspired was RM38 only..hehehehee..HUGE DIFFERENT !! For someone who prefer to SAVING yet having a great handbag design you can but the inspired one ..I think it is worth to have and the material was not bad..and ofcouse it cannot beat the original material but still it still a good PU leather handbag..

Click HERE if you want to buy this handbag as well...

I hope My Fashion Haul will help you..If there is any comment do let me know..
ohh yah, I will keep sharing My Fashion Haul more and more..for those who think we have common taste..wait for My another Fashion Haul soon!

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥