Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WIW: These day I'm all right


Hello everyone..

 What I Wear:-
Wide Shawl   |   The Hijabs Queen
Pink Blazer   |   Vintage
Nude lace Top   |   Vintage
Candy Pants   |   Scarlet
Studded handbag   |   Zara
Bangle   |    Cotton On
Wedges   |   Unbranded

These Day I'm All Right ;)

I have been hibernating myself and resting well at home..sometime I don't feel like doing anything..I just want to lay on bed and watching K-Drama..ottoke?? aigooo..however I'm feeling good these day..and I start to hangout with my friends last Friday..Thanks to them I had a great day together with them..enjoying our bruch together and karaoke like a crazy maniac people..hahhaaa! Now I have found a perfect spot to karaoke..yahoo!!!

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥