Friday, February 14, 2014

WIW: Sun bright yellow


Hello Sweeties..

Sunny bright yellow on the bright sun..wahhh!!!
I wearing the yellow vintage blazer and mix it with my leopard crumple shawl.. I added some scarf to cover my chest area since the leopard shawl are not long and wide enough to cover my chest area..this is also a good tips for you girls out can try this so don't simply throw your small shawl because you still can used it with simple additional of a scarf..the scarf is actual tudung bawal that I accidentally borrowed from my dearest blogger friend, Fana..hehee..Actually the first attempt is just to show a demo and suddenly I go back at home with the scarf as well..hehee..sorry fana..and fana siap cakap "simpan buat kenangan"..hehehe..
SO SWEET of you! :)

What I Wear:-
Leopard Crinkle Shawl   |   Pikalurve
Tiger Printed Scarf   |  from Fana
Yellow Blazer   |   Vintage
Maxi Skirt   |   Lanaa Boutique
Handbag   |   Pierre Cardin 
Purple Gladiator   |   Momoe
Studded Bracelet   |   Diva
Dream Catcher   |   Onlineshope

andddddd I just get My result for my first semester for degree today..
DOWN a little bit.hurmmm..takde rezeki T___T
wish me luck in future  :)

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥


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