Saturday, February 22, 2014

Life is more Beautiful with LAURASTAR


Hello everyone!!

I was fortunate to be able to meet LAURASTAR!!


LAURASTAR is actually a Brand of New Technology for ironing..Laurastar were origin from Swiss company founded in 1980..The main purpose of Laurastar as a producer and distributor of "Garment Care Systems" and their headquarters at Switzerland..Laurastar exports their product to 37 countries and more than 2 millions products are sold worldwide !!

Last week, I was able to experienced their 2 awesome product that is LAURASTAR PULSE and LAURASTAR LIFT !!
I will shortly brief and explain about this 2 awesome Iron Product from Laurastar..


It is an intelligent ironing because of the pulsed steam.. The latest Laurastar innovation, is diffused in short intermittent and automatic pulses.. For automatic steam, simply move the handle of the iron..Other than that, it also optimal in mobility and ergonomics with 2 pairs if integrated wheels..ultimate safety because it is will automatically stops after 15 minutes of, don't even bother or fire or over-heating..

It also will preserves fabrics and colours because the steam is ultrafine and ultra-powerful..The removable soleplate protects delicate fabrics from unnecessary heat..This iron will also prevent unwanted creases this is due to the active board is equipped with a 2-speed blower and vacuum system..

It is ready to use in no time because the system is ready to use in 3 minutes..It can be easily folded with 20cm in size and automatic cable rewinder definately a space-saving !! Rather than that it also have a secure storage box for the iron to be placed so it will be safe to use and put when kids are around and playing..

Uninterrupted ironing and a real time-saver..
The removable water tank has an integrated anti-scale filter that will filter the water and makesure when ironing only clean water a absorb !

This is the Sample of the SOLEPLATE with a different design..
the design also play as a important role to ensure the steam.

So, here I am..try out myself the LAURASTAR PULSE !!
Honestly amazed by the unique design and experience ultimate excellence ..

Impeccable Folds on trousers or jeans because of the active board is equipped with a vacuum system..
just simply fold your trousers or jeans and Iron it and miracle will happen when it will be iron for both side upper-side and as well as the bottom-side..easy don't have to waste your time wanting to iron for both sided..

Not just that, The most amazing thing about this iron for me is that it is faster than dry cleaning!!
Thanks to its removable soleplate, the Laurastar Pulse protects delicates clothes and prevents the appearance of shiny patches on the dark fabrics that always happend when you want to iron your black jacket and black pants..


It is simple and irresistible !
Laurastar Lift has it all..with the cutting-edge technology and contemporary colours and design..
LAURASTAR LIFT are available in 6 different colours..before experiencing its remarkable efficiency, you will already be enchanted and attracted by the originality design and colours of the LAURASTAR LIFT Collection..

LAURASTAR LIFT is easy to carry with the handle provided..It has secure compartment for the iron..It also have the cord storage..with the removable water tank so you can easily change the and add water in it..The design make you easy to place it on the floor with its "feet" design ..make your life easier with LAURASTAR LIFT

Say goodbye to unwanted creases and start to use Laurastar's unique professional soleplate..
This Soleplate will diffuses ultra-fine yet powerful is easy for ironing with compact size of Laurastar Lift..The Soleplate are the same as the LAURASTAR PULSE design as well since the iron of LAURASTAR PULSE and LAURASTAR LIFT are in the same size just with the different body type and design..

LAURASTAR LIFT are divided into 2 groups that is LAURASTAR LIFT and LAURASTAR LIFT +
both are almost the same but they have several different in term of their accessories and of course LAURASTAR + have and exclusive features..

it is a professional iron..Laurastar's unique ultra-fine yet powerful steam and it will automatic stop after 10 minutes of not-using..the accessories, it has anti-scale filter, steam cord holder and protective soleplate for delicate fabrics..LAURASTAR LIFT are available in 3 colours that is Original Red, Pure White, Extra Taupe

Basically it has same feature as the LAURASTAR LIFT but it is a liltle bit special because it has 3D active soleplates and It has exclusive features like it backlit water tank and automatic cable rewinder to make you easy to put the cable back in place..LAURASTAR LIFT + are available in 3 colours as well that is Ultimate Black, Pinky Pop and Platinum 
PRICE: RM2799 (RM2999 for the Platinum colours because it has more special features)

with blogger Bro Framestone..We are obviously not Laurastar model..kekekeee..
By thw way, This product are worth for you to have especially when it come people nowadays that always busy with their lifestyle and works must also taking care of their appearance..We have new technology device such as smartphones, tablets and everything you name it but not it is the time to change your iron at home..make it a new technology as well.. hehehee..

Where you can get this Iron from LAURASTAR?

Visionary Solutions SDN BHD
10 Boulevard,
A-8 Black Allamanda,
Lebuhraya Sprint PJU A6
477400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

That day..We was lucky because We are able to meet face-to-face with the co-founder of LAURATSAR, Mr. Pierre Clement..
He just arrived at Malaysia at the morning and he was able and happy to join us that day..

group Photo is a MUST!!
among Malaysian blogger that attend and meet LAURASTAR that day..
and not to forget their friendly staff that help and teach us to use the LAURASTAR product..

For more info about LAURASTAR please visit their website

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



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