Saturday, January 04, 2014

Mamasan Birthday Party at Haagen Dazs Soho KL


Hello Sweeties,
I was on my Examination Week right now..stress come and go..One of the way to avoid from stress other than shopping is writing a blog post on my blog..kekekee :)

On Wednesday a.k.a the first day for 2014, I was invited to Mamasan Birthday Party to celebrate Mamasan's birthday!! It was really great start of 2014 for me.. A birthday party yawww!! where I can skip for awhile from my "books and notes"..hihihii..Since there is a gap in between papers so I was able to attend Mamasan Birthday Party..

write a birthday wishes for Tammy on Her Birthday Poster

Happy Birthday dear Tammy, Mamasan for The Butterfly Project and owner of Plusize Kitten.. The Birthday Party was held at Haagen Dazs Soho KL..Haagen Dazs the place where you can taste delicious ice-cream! I could not remember when was the last time I eat ice-cream from Haagen Dazs..hehehee..and Thank you to Mamasan Birthday Party I was able to taste the delicious Ice-cream from Haagen Dazs again and It is a Birthday ice-cream Party babehhhh!

The Party Celebration was started with an introduction from Tammy and a few games provided for us to enjoy the day rather just eat ice-cream..hehehe...

Happy Birthday mamasan..
I hope you like my simple gift..hehee..

The game start with play "One Happy Family at Home!" hehhee..The Happy Family card game
 and Create and drawing ourself and wrote a wish for Tammy in the piece of A4 Paper..

After than, prepared for the Chocolate Fondue from Haagen Dazs .. the moment everyone waiting for~~

This is how The Chocolate Fondue from haagen Dazs look like..
this is also a special Christmas fondue from Haagen Dazs and we are able to taste it !

The Chocolate fondue was yummy.. 
Its have ice-cream, fruits, biscuit, cake and others where we can simply dip it in the chocolate..yummyumm..

The chocolate fondue set can be share and I share with beautiful ladies, Wiida, Anfal, and Mieza..

Group Photo is a MUST !! hehehee..

The Chocolate Bars was so adorable with the super cute design..
we get this special customade chocolate bar on Tammy's birthday and the chocolate taste soo goooood!!

I wish a very Happy Birthday to Mamasan!! May 2014 brings happiness and successful in life..
May The Butterfly Project expanding their wing even wider this year and in future..Also hoping that The Butterfly Project will be one of a successful blogger community in Malaysia..I will always going to support The Butterfly Project :)

Last but not least, Thank you dear Tammy and Hermo for this amazing start for us on 2014
I enjoy myself on the birthday party and thank you so much for the invitation Tammy..

Check and follow Tammy on:-
Instagram: @tammy_mui
she is Mamasan of  The Butterfly Project

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥


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