Monday, December 29, 2014

Shopping Haul: Year End Sales 2014


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
How was you weekend! I hope you have a great weekend cause I do..ehee..
First of all, As we all know what happened to East Coast Malaysia [Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu] flooding and I heard news that North Malaysia [Kedah] starting to flooding cause in Malaysia currently raining non-stop. Condolence from me to all victim. I hope you all will stay strong and let's keep praying for the best from The Almighty and May you all will be blessed. Aminn..

Pin Up kinda look perhaps. Hahahaa..
After I've been "lock up" for a moment when I was in Melaka and I finally satisfy myself with shopping. I love shopping and who doesn't right. Unless when I start to think wiser and on a saving mood. well, I'm a student maaa.. Hehehee.. On Saturday I spend myself alone to Midvalley and Sunday I went to One Utama. Yahhh, For you information I can get out and shopping all my myself cause I get used to it and I don't like to cause any burden to anyone as well because when I start shopping I will ronda-ronda the whole shopping mall and then decide what I would like to buy and what worth to have unless I have my aim/target what I would like to purchase. If anyone willing to spend time with me when I'm shopping please put your hand up. Let's go shopping together..Ngeehee~

 Bangles and statement necklaces floral - Forever21. 
Statement Necklace Orange - Vincci Accessories 

 Both scarf from Vincci Accessories

 Pink bohemian top - Forever 21
Nude bird - H&M
Sheer kimono wrap - Forerver 21
Denim blouse - Brand Outlet

Brown wedges - Forever21
Chain Wedges - Vincci
Yellow Mustard Wedges - Vincci

Tadaaa~ As you can see I bought all this within 2 days. I'm so satisfied with my purchase. Basically all just for a normal and daily wearing except for necklace and wedges I guess. I will wear that when I have and event or any special occasion. As you can see most from Forever 21 and Vincci right! cause they have a massive sales. Everything turns cheap and I wish I can buy more some doesn't have my size. But it's okay, I'm happy with what I owned now. Can't wait to wear them and maybe I will do some lookpost. Heheee.. I guess that all what I would like to mumbling about. Remember to Stay safe everyone!


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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

WIW: Shamim Premium Flare


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone ;)

Outfit details:-
Shawl: Customade myself
Dress: Shamim Premium Misclaire
Handbag: New Look
Shoes: Vincci
Necklace: Forever 21

Can you see my excited face posing for this outfit post this time. Ahahahaa.. I know you can. GOSHH! It is been awhile since I make any outfit post on my blog. Since I just going to my kuliah everyday and do not go out wearing any fancy and proper outfit to share with but if you would like to know how I normally wear for my classes and how I look when I go for my classes? I will make another special post just for that but basically nothing special just a simple University girl outfit kinda..ngeee...

Okay forget about that, what I want to share is this beautiful dress. OMGG! I got this dress from Misclaire like long time ago. I didn't notice that I owned this beautiful dress. Honestly, this is my first time I'm wearing this dress since I got it. I've been keep this dress on my wardrobe since I always say I will wear you one fine and I finally did! I wear this dress to Kak Sabby's Wedding recently. Yeayyy! Kak Sabby dah kahwin. Will story about that later on...

This is called Shamim Premium Fishtail Dress. I choose this in black color. I super super love this dress. it is so comfortable and the design was amazingly stuning make me look slightly small and curvy. Like like like ! It come with variety of sizes if I'm not mistaken and different color as well. I love the texture of the material which is quality lace with kinda 3D look. Hahahaa... I don't know how to describe it properly thoo.. ngeee.. But you know what I mean right! If you are interested you can check out their website for more info and they selling like varieties of dress for plussize. Go check out now

Till then, xoxo

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Foodies: Calanthe Art Cafe, Melaka


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone 

How was your day today? For me, I was soo excited yet not very but excited..hohoo.. Next week will be my study week. Wahhh~ how fast times flies right. My Final examination is around the corner. I have to do some study preparation before I planning something fun for my semester break [Starting on 18 Jan 2015]. As usual, I never used my study week to study..ehee.. I will normally just chillex and enjoy my moment at home before I'm ready for a "war" eheee.. Whatever lahh ~

As for today I want to share about Foodies. Yummyumm.. This is actually a late post Like a very very late one. Since I already go to this place like a few month ago. Have you heard about Calanthe Art Cafe that located in Melaka before? Same goes here. Sepp sikit! I know about this Calanthe Art Cafe from my friend. Thank you Along for introduce to me this cafe. I find out this cafe is quite well-known in Melaka. It is like Baba Nyonya style cafe where it is designed with a lot of different style. From the main entrence you can see the style of cafe until you reach inside you see that the decoration is interesting. 

Menu book. You can find like soo many drinks to choose from until you don't know which one you want to try first. Once the menu arrived I was so blurrr to choose my drink. Hahahaaa...

There you go, some decoration in this Cafe, Very unique and show some different compare to others. 

Full shoot view for our meals that day.

I choose Calanthe Laksa. I totally recommend for you to try this. It taste so delicious and the portion also in a huge amount which you will be satisfied with your choice and kenyang! The price for this is RM10.45

After a long wait of thinking which drink should I choose, I made my decision to choose Mocha Cookies. The taste is basically a blended ice mocha together with cookies. Price for this is RM11.95

We definitely enjoy our meals. Alhamdulillah :)
and for your information, there will be a Service charge of 6% from your order.

So, here we are at the entrance of this Calanthe Art Cafe.
If you come to Melaka, don't forget to try here and have some chit chat with your friend.

Thats all from me today,
Wahh, rasa lapar pulak sekarang ni..errrr~~

Till then, Byeee..

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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Beauty Haul: Luxola RM50 Cash Voucher


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

I know that many of Luxola's customer get an email for their RM50 Cash Voucher! 
I can say that you will regret if you don't used this voucher babehh because on Luxola website you can browse sooooo many beauty items. All famous brand and most wanted plus some of the item are not really sell in Malaysia which you only can get the product via online purchase. I definitely don't want to miss this chance so I used the RM50 Voucher to buy something that I really desired.  I think it is about 2 month I have stop shop or buy any cosmetics product due to my breakouts and I'm so busy to splurge for something like that at the moment. I must say life as a student really change me. I sayyy mennn! Hahahaaa...
But I won't stop from doing what I like the most...eheeee..

I buy a Sleek MakeUp Blush by 3 ! I choose Pumpkin, at first I want Lace but it already sold out so I choose Pumpkin instead. As you can see the real price is RM53 with the RM50 voucher that I got I only have to add RM3 for this awesome deals!
As for shipping fee, when you spend RM40 and above at Luxola website the shipping fee is FREE nationwide. This is real. This is what make me happy even moreeee..

Sleek Blush by 3 in Pumpkin consist of 3 different shades of blusher that placed in one palette. In this palette consist of  a blusher with fully pigmented shimmer, satin and matte. Sleek Blush by 3 in Pumpkin have Lantern, Squash and P Pie shades. I like the color sooo much. So now I owned this awesome blush. I love the shades, packaging and the pigmentation of the product. Worth to have for me. This 3 shades are amazing. I fall in love from the moment I this packaging arrived! I will explain more details about this blush palette soon. Will do another product review I guess. After a longgggg break and now I'm back! be watch out.. I will spamming your wall soon. I wish I have more time. eheee..

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Be 100% sure with Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone..
Take shower everyday is important as it get to cleans up your body and keep your body fresh. It is important to take a good care of your body and your hygiene. Well, me myself as a student also important to keep my body clean and fell fresh all the time. To tell you what, I sweating a lot! sometime just doing a simple activity I tend to sweating a lot. Blerghhhh! You know how annoy it can be right. Hahaa. Plus, It is more easier for germs to infected while your sweating. Therefore, I need to find something that can protect me well and I meet Dettol. Dettol is totally a trusted brand from I was a child. I still remember when I was in my junior school time, where my mom introduced to me with Dettol cause I was sooo lasak during that time and playing a lot and so suddenly my skin starts to feel itchy and I used Dettol and tadaaa~ the itchy part start to soothen down.   

With the launch of new Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash, Malaysian families can now be 100% sure of protection from germs and bacteria while maintaining healthy, moisturised skin. I think all Malaysian will have the same opinion about Malaysia's weather which is hot and humid climate, and we constantly expose our skin to external elements and the threat of germs and dryness. As a student like me it is important that to keep my skin a free from any germs and keep it fresh so I can feel more energize to do any activity freely.

I can say that most of the time our skin get infected by any germs are due to the environmental factors such as pollution, change in temperature as well as our diet routine and even harsh household products can strip away the essential lipids on the skin's outer layer. Dettol's signature anti-bacterial properties not only protect your skin from germs and bacteria, its improved pH-balance formula also helps retain skin's moisture, thus preserving your skin's natural barrier leaving it healthy and moisturised. I'm so happy to hear about this, where you can protect your skin from germ and at the same time it will keep you skin smooth. Body washes with anti-bacterial properties are helpful in fighting the germs on a daily basis. It is not just that, at the same time, it is also important for you to choose a suitable product with your skin where the product are compatible to your skin's natural pH level. keep maintaining the skin's moisture and ensuring truly healthy skin. 

So, here some demonstration that I make to show you how the New Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash works with their new improved formula. I also make a comparison with other brand [ Brand X] which also a well-known brand for germ-protection body wash but does the Brand X can keep your skin at the correct level? 

*I used a pH Pen that can check pH level.

I starts with testing my original skin pH, Turns out the color is orange.
Then I put the Dettol pH-Balance Body wash 
I check the pH using the pH pen and the color turns to orange as well.
Next, I put Brand X next to it.
I check the pH using the pH pen and the color change to green.
So, here the comparison of pH level for my original skin pHwith Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash and Brand X Body Wash
OMGG! I know you will be like freaking out right now because the color changes for Brand X a wayyy wayy to much right. My first impression also I was shocked with the result itself. But well, this is fact. no lying or trick behind it. As you can refer to the pH chart. According to it, My original skin pH was around 3-4 [acidic]. With the Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash the color is around 4-5 [acidic] and for Brand X Body Wash it go further away up to 8 [alkaline].

Just for your information that pH 4.0-6.0 just perfect! As for pH 2.0-3.0 that's too acidic. A highly acidic pH can cause your skin to peel. and for pH 8.0-14.0 that's too alkaline. A highly alkaline pH can cause your skin to age prematurely.

So now, let's switch to New Improved Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash !

What I like about new Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash is that this body wash does keep my skin well-moisturised after I've done my shower everyday. My favorite is the Original where some people might think the smell is like medicine but for me, I just love it. The smell keep me feeling like I was protected from germs. Other than that, I also like Re-energize. Love the smell! Hahahaa.. Well, Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash does protect your skin from everyday germs and with the new formulation which also help to maintain your body pH level make this a star. I mean that it have a complete packaged to it. So, go and get this awesome body wash now. Heeeee...

You can get RM5 off of any Dettol pH-balance 625ml shower gel at any Guardian Store by click to this link . This voucher valid from 1 November until 31 December 2014. Dettol pH-balance Body Wash come with variants choice from Original, Fresh, Radiance, Re-energize, Cool and Nourishing. 

Retail Price:-
Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash 250ml - RM6.90
Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash 625ml - RM15.90
Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash 950ml - RM21.90

*With the discount voucher Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash 625ml will be RM10.90

Remember that it is important to keep you skin pH balance because you don't want your skin feel to drying and hashness that also will lead you to age prematurely. Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash it cleanses your skin deep and protect against everyday germs while its pH-balanced formula moisturises your skin. Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash is the ideal body wash for every Malaysian family.

For more info you can visit:-

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Foodies: Boat Noodle, Empire Damansara


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone
Good morning !
Since I update about Boat Noodle on my blog and instagram, my friends keep asking about this Boat Noodle and I decide to share this with you. Well, this is also my first time trying Boat Noodle as recommended by my friend. Last a few weeks, I guess almost a month my friends and I were planning to meet up since it is been awhile we spend our time together cause everyone is so busy with thier life and study including me myself, the one who was further than my home. We went to this place known as Boat Noodle. 

 We went to the Boat Noodle at Empire Damansara, which is the closest to our place. Tak payah nak pergi jauh-jauh sangat..ngeeheee..I can tell that the crowds on this place is impressive. We have to queues and wait to get a table. Well, it is depending on the timing jugak lah. We went after lunch hours that time so we have to wait for awhile. 

 Basically, what special about this place is that you can choose as many bowl you want. YES! as many as you want. Based on their menu is that they only selling noodles. Yahhhh.. No other food therefore the speciality on this place is their noodle. 

 I eat for 4 bowls. Yahhh! my friends and I we all order 4 bowl each person. we try each noodle which is chicken soup, beef soup, chicken dry, and beef dry. ! Don't think too much is that that we're super starving or what okehh.. 

 The reason we chose more cause the portion of the noodle is not that much. For me, I think in just a few mouthful it's already finish. Maximum you can go with 3 times mouthful for each bowl of noodle. The price for each bowl is RM1.90. 

So, here it is.. This is our bowls together. I guess this is the reason why this place name as Boat Noodle. eheee...

So, I dibuai perahu~

For those who like to try out something new you can go at try this place. For those who love noodle you may also try noodle at this place cause the taste is quite different I guess. Well, I cannot comment more on their taste or anything cause I'm not food expert. Ngeeheee.. That day, my friend and I we spend out time together cari makan. Yes! the whole day...I sayyy hancur diet I hari tu..

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Random Week [13 - 19 Oct 2014]


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Basically, What I can share about my random week for last weeks is that I do all about my study life. 

We take a photo for our class. As a memories for us. Thank you for being a good classmate guys!

Group assignment and selfie! Hahahaaa.. 
Credited to my friend who take my picture silently while I'm focusing doing my assignment. Huhuu..

and I register as Ahli Mengudi. wuuhuuu~ feeling old now..dah sampai masanya untuk saya mengundi..
And I do some my mandarin writing lesson. Right now I'm still learning for my third language that is Mandarin in level 3. Still have a lot to learn. Anyone can help me perhaps? Ngeeheee...

On weekend. I just spend some quality time with my housemate ! 
My weekend was sooo nothing cause I feel like doing anything. I just spend most of my time at house and singing and at night we play badminton. 

By the way! I want to wish Happy Deepavali to all who celebrate it! 
Tomorrow is public holiday, My classmate and I planning for a BBQ and spend our quality time together. Well, I will update more story for the next Random Week entry..

Thank you for reading this ;)

xoxo from Pika