Sunday, December 08, 2013

WIW: Misclaire Juvita Lace Peplum Maxi


If you are Plussize girl like me which is hard for you to find a good and fashionable outfit like all skinny people do..Let me introduce to Misclaire..Misclaire selling all Fashion Outfit for Plussize out there..Misclaire provide a good service and product..

Misclare is online shop that provides good product for plus size girls!! YEAYYY!! LOMPAT LOMPAT~~
Plussss their website are really friendly and easy to guide you one by can easily check any outfit start from Dress, Blouse, Pants, Skirt, Tops, Cardigans and more~~~ It come from sizes up to 8XL ...

What I got from Misclaire was this Juvita Lace peplum Maxi Dress and I love it!! This dress material was Lycra with Lace on the top are and this is comfortable for me..I love wearing this dress..The material was stretchable type and not to contouring/stuck to your body figure..What make me feel more excited was I look more "slim" and "tall" wearing this dress..Effect of this dress was love love..eventho I know I'm not Slim or skinny..hehehe..But, you should try it as well and I bet you will never regret it!! I recommended this dress and you better order it Now since this dress are really Limited in Stock..Overall I can say that this dress was good quality & design with a reasonable price to match!! 

What I Wear:-
Wide Plain Shawls  |  Customade by me
Juvita Lace Peplum Maxi  |  Misclaire
Satchel Handbag  |  Pierre Cardin
Stripy Wedges  |  EZRA from Zalora
Black Bracelet  |  Avon Accessories
Infinity Ring  |  AWaccessories
Studed Ring  |  H&M
Watch  |  Casio 

Go check out http://www/ NOW !!

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  1. Pika sangat fit jadi model, you got the talent! sila menang pencarian model KZNabihah! hehe

    1. Wahhhh! Terharunyaaaa pika..Thank you soo much ,ieza for the support..HUGS!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Body figure giteww worries, this peplum cover up you butt area..

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you kak asyik..
      lamanyaaa tak jumpa kak asyik..heeeee...

  4. eh dik. awk x dela nampak plus size sgt. xmcm sy ni ha :(

    1. Saya gemuk la dear..category plus size jugak taw..mungkin tak nampak sangat sebab saya tinggi kot..

  5. well you got the beauty and confidence babe~ :)