Wednesday, December 25, 2013

WIW: Masrie Paisley Misclaire


Hello Supremo !!

Do you always have problem when you want to choose a dress, skirt or top?? especially for the plussize person ..and again, Let me suggest you Misclaire !!! Misclaire is the place for you...I bet you going to be super crazy with their awesome collection from dress, top, skirts, pants and etc..They also available until 8XL sizes..Of course it is affordable and loveable for you to have...

Let me share with you one of my favorite Skirt from Misclaire that is Masrie Paisley Skirt...Masrie Paisley Skirt was comfortably to can easily mix & match the skirt with any top and dress! This Skirt was design Mermaid cutting Maxi Skirt with tribal Paisley Prints.. I choose paisley design because paisley one of unique and plays design so far..I truly love this skirt and the material was awesome..made up from Lycra and obviously not see-thru type! you can safely wearing them and feel awesome..this skirt will give a "tall effect" to you..believe me..

What I Wear:-
Wide Shawl  |  Bonita
Long Outerwear  |  Poplook
Masrie Paisley Skirt  |  Misclaire
Studded Handbag  |  Zara
Transparent Wedges  |  YMS
Long Necklace  |  Momoe
Ring & Studded Bracelet  |  Diva

Go and shop at NOW!!!

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