Sunday, December 08, 2013

Product Review: MUA Blusher (lolly) & MUA Bronzer (Shade 2)


Hello Supremo..
How is you day today? MINE?? was awesome..I will tell you later on..And today 7 DECEMBER 2013 was my Hero's Birthday that is my daddy!! Happy Birthday Ayah ku sayang...MUAHHH~~

Okay, I got distracted, Move On to the main topic you can see the title was a Product Review..Its been a while and I'm back for product review..yeayyyy!! hehehe..Here another MUA Product that I have that is MUA Blusher in lolly and MUA Bronzer in Shade 2..looking forward for my review please keep reading bebehhh~

Let's begin with MUA blusher~~

This is how MUA Blusher Packaging looks like..
It small and cute..The packaging is seem okay with me, Nothing to worried about and it is also safe..why? because I accidently drop this blusher on the floor and nothing broken..yet??..hehhehee...So far, I like it..

Product Details:-
Product Name: MUA Blusher
Code: lolly
Color: peach
Made in: UK

This blusher in seem nude on skin..when you apply it just show nude shade and natural looks..not to bold and is suitable for those who don't like pink blusher and looking for more nude color..For the lasting purpose it might be last for about 4-5 hours..or sometimes you don't event see the blusher on your check because it is too nude especailly for my skin tone..hehehee..


Where to Buy:-
Elly Stylista Facebook

Now, we proceed with MUA Bronzer~~

This is the packaging of MUA Bronzer..
All come with Hard Tranparent Plastic container..The packaging also okay with me..I like it..nothing to feel bad, worry or also safe but get scratch easily especailly on the label area..awhhh...but it's okay..not effect the bronzer anyway..

Product Details:-
Product Name: MUA Bronzer
Code: Shade 2
Color: Dark Brown
Made in: UK

MUA Bronzer Shade 2 seem great on my skin..I like the result not to bold not to nude is medium brown color that suitable for shading..I like it..When I apply as for shading it dose give a great effect..As you know this product is affordable to have and I definitely satisfied with the outcome...shabas beteyyy..hihii


Where to buy:-
Elly Stylista Facebook

I'm wearing MUA Blusher in lolly and MUA Bronzer In Shade 2
It show some natural yet fresh looks ..Thumbs Up if you like it ;)
---pipi baru tumbuh jerawat tu..maaf ye :P

MUA Cosmetics product really good..It is a drugstore brand which only cost you little and give the best result for your makeup look..believe me...hehheee..Do read my review on MUA eyeshadow Heaven & Earth palette...Till then, hope you like my review about this product..any inquiries, comment and suggestion please let me know :)

Thank You for reading this ^_^