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New 2014 Raudhah Lin Nisa' at TV9


Hello Sweeties ☆☆☆
A few day left before we say goodbye to 2013 and say hello to 2014..Last 23 December 2013, I was invited to attend the Press Conference for New Raudhah Lin Nisa' at TV9..The press were held at Talent Lounge, Damansara..This press is to introduce new program for Raudhah Lin Nisa' TV9 and get to know the new host for each program.. TV9 Raudhah came with New program that is Raudhah Lin Nisa' that will combine all great programs in form of knowledge and Islamic lesson that specialize for ladies in Malaysia..

I arrived a liltle bit late due to wrong place mention via the invitation card..huhuhuu..I bet everyone confuse about it and come along from wrong direction that time..hehehe..however, still able to arrive before the press start :)

start with the fresh performance from The host & celebrities..

From left: Bella, Siti Nordiana, Salima Habibi, and Sharifah kasif

From left: Ameera Zaini, Heliza Helmi, Diana Amir, and Emy Ramly

Indah-indah belaka ciptaan Allah :)

Awkward pose ?

Let's Support New Raudhah Lin Nisa' for 2013 at TV9 

standing next to the beautiful ladies~~

What's NEW for 2014 at TV9 ??

1) Shoutul Quran
Day: Every Friday
Time: 11:00 a.m.

Shoutul Quran is a new program for 2014..this program focus on Al-Quran lesson to all the viewers..Teach on how to read Al-Quran correctly with the correct tajwid and taranum..Sharifah Khasif as the teacher who will help to teach the tajwid together with the singer Siti Nordiana and Salima Habibi...

 Sharifah Khasif, great voice and she expert in Tajwid and Taranum to read Al-Quran..great Ustazah to-be !

Siti Nordiana, proud of her changes! decide to wear hijab was the best decision for her, In Sha Allah :) 

2) Tanyalah Ustazah
Day: Every Friday
Time: 11:30a.m.

This program based on the popular show that already have for 2013 that is Tanyalah Ustaz but this time with different version where Tanyalah Ustazah will discuss the issue and fact about muslim ladies..Specail apperance from Ustazah and the guest to discuss and share the islamic knowledge and good tips for daily life as a muslim :)

3) SIS (Semangat.Intelektual.Swadaya)
Day: Every Friday
Time: 7:00 p.m.

This Program already attract the younger community with the insteresting issue that they discuss everyweek!
SIS introduce new host that is Heliza Helmi and Emy Ramly..and of course stay with the original host that is Diana Amir..their combination show great impact because they have different background and issue to discuss..

with beautiful and friendly, Diana Amir

with Cute, Polite, Humble and freindly non others than Heliza Helmi

I love her acting! please continue acting..hehehee with Emy Ramly :)

4) Hijab Stailista
Day: Every Friday
Time: 7:30 p.m.

This program special to the hijab ladies who into fashion..this program also show different fashion and style for Mulimah ladies all around the world..from Tokyo, Melbourne, Mila, and Los Angles they go to share the fashion for all fashion lover..with the host Ameera Zaini..Hijab Stylista for 2014 is quite different compare to the 2013 version..want to know why??? please watch this show :)

with Ameera Zaini, starting as model and she a host! Syabas did a great work and inspired people :)

5) Safiyya
Day: Every Sunday
Time: 11:00 a.m.

a program that give an inspiration to all muslim ladies.. Safiyya 2014 will be hosting by new host that is this program thy have a few segment that is Imrah Safiyya, Nursafiyya, Azya Safiyya and Blog Safiyya..all the viewers will be expose to new and great information every week..this show also give a good guide for all ladies to be success in future :)

so cute, polite and have a super cute voice!

Don't forget to watch this program starts on January 2014 !
Let's get more knowledge from the experts :)

after done the press, is eating time..weeheee~
glad that I'm starving when i arrive at this press..HAHAHAA..and the food delicious ..
so, I enjoy my meals (Except for the sandwich where Fana spotted there is "ulat" on the salad..eyukk!) **terus berhenti makan..ngeee :D

with bloggers that attend that time..

with one of blogger friend, Syukri Tahir...
Thanks ST :)

last but no least with the partner of crime, Miss Fana!!
Happy knowing her everyday..

A few day left before we say goodbye to 2013 and welcoming 2014...
So, What is your New Year Resolution???
mine?? I will share later on !!
Now, I got to go, nak study esok dah start my 1st paper for Final Examination~~
wish me a Very Good Luck sweeties!

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥


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  1. Yeayyyy! Suka2! Rasa macam baru je masuk 2013 tp now dah penghujung tahun dah. Oh men, i really need azam tahun baru for 2014 !