Monday, December 30, 2013

Lying to be Perfect


Hello Sweeties,

How are you feeling today?
While writing this post, I'm listening to Shine Your Way by Owl City & Yuna..So, I hope you feel shine & bright today!!  ...If not, starts to shine your way...Cewahhhhh..hihihiii..

Whassap with the title pika??? hehehe..It is actualy the title of an english Movie..It is a Movie that I really really want to share with you guys..I've watch this movie Thousands times and I never get bored of it!!

Want to know why? Let's watch !!! hehehehe...


you can skip watching for awhile and keep reading my post..hehehee...

This movie really inspired me to get a curvy and healthy body [but not skinny] !
This girl made it after 4 month of her diet and exercise!! I know she is originally slim and just wearing a costume to make her look fat but that dons't bother me at all..I really adore her spirit [in this movie]..I wish I have that spirit..a strong spirit and great effort come along with it...

My current body shape is the same as her in the movie
 I hope I can get the slim body like her as well after she done with her diet and exercise !!

Saya nak KURUS!!! and It is also my every year resolution..HAHAHAA! But, I hope 2014 will be different form the previous years..I really hope that I can get a healthy, slim and curvy body..I want to loss weight!! ..I was living as a fat girl since on my school duration [sekolah rendah] till now..I remember people start to call me FAT when I was 10 years old!! since that till now people still and keep calling me Fat!! yahhh, imagine what my felings is and how I have to faced with the situation everytime.. HURMMMM..But, somehow or rather it is the fact, so faced it pika!!..Even my brother sometimes making fun of me..maybe that is the way he motivate me to slim [thinking on the positive site].
but NOW, I can't take it anymore !!! 

It is the time for me to change it and try to work out and diet to get healthy body..I got to start a healthy lifestyle from now on..I have to start exercise and control the intake of my food [diet] !!

Dear friends. Please Support me  :)

hope my 2014 resolution will come true!! AMIN AMIN !!

p/s: harap-harap pika dapat buat, jangan hangat-hangat tahi ayam je nanti..aigoooo~

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. Good Luck! Last year kite ade azam kuruskan badan jugak. And luckily I managed to tahan the godaan untuk quit for 3-5 months finally :') 10 kgs shredded. I know u can do it because I can! :D (we might be strangers, but u got all my support hihi)

    1. Woooww! Congratulation dear.. Salute.Salute!
      and thanks for the support..really appreciate that..awhhhh..I'm touched..
      no strangers lahh, we are friend in media social right :)

  2. All the best! Nak tengok la movie tu lepas exam nanti. Atau bila masa lapang ^^
    Cakap tentang diet, saya pun tengah diet sekarang. Saya tengah cuba diet Atkin. Kinda work for me, tapi sekarang tengah plateau weight sebab makan choc time craving hari tu.
    Kalau nak mula dengan diet ni - link

  3. You can do it baby girl ! Let's make 2014 full with inspiring, confidence and success ! Hwaitinggg. ^^