Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Dear Santa Hermo, This Christmas I wish.......


Hello Supremo,
December finally arrived!!!! and I am excited to enjoy the last month of 2013!! WOWWW, I just can believe it, how fast time travel and 2013 almost end..So, don't waste any time and Let's celebrate the month with full of joy ;)

Before that, let me introduce the website that selling Beauty Product with various Brands from skincare, makeup product, fragrance and many more ..Be happy beauty lover!!! hehehee..
Have you heard of hermo.my before this?? Yes, the online shop that I mention is Hermo..you have to visit their website and you will go furious about all product they selling..I wish I can have all of it!! AWHHHH...

The Butterfly Project Malaysia are collaborate with Hermo for December Wishlist for all bloggers..
and This Christmas I definitely be nice!!! hehehee..and I wish...........................................hihihiii...

just Simply create "Christmas Wish List" and share what product that your like from hermo.my website..choose anything that you can get with RM80! WOWW :D

CHOOSE NOWWWW!! heheheee..

I browse Hermo website and there are a lot of beauty stuff you can find..yihaaaa~~
After browsing and browsing...So, I finally decide to choose Beauty Maker - Professional brush Set as My Wishlist..

I want to try out this Beauty Maker - Professional brush Set...
please choose me dear Santa Hermo..hehehee

Go check out Hermo.my NOWWWWW!!!!
you can buy Christmas present for your family, friends and yourself!! heheheee...

If you are blogger and wish to join please read more info on Mamasan's blog NOW !

Dear Santa Hermo, please pick me ^_^

wish me luck ;)

Thank You for reading this ^_^

p/s: I wish Hermo Santa will pick me..ngeeheee...wish me luck ;)



  1. Good luck my dear. Eh, btw congrats for your blog. It has been upgraded ! Gile la pika

    1. Thank you fana...
      Yes, I upgraded my blog..just having my own domain and a new look..HAPPY ;)