Thursday, November 14, 2013

WIW: Pink Paisley


Hello Supremo...
I wear this on My Graduation Day..I choose to wear something comfortable me the most and choose something that I can wear it over and over again..not just for a special occasion..I bought another Jubah  from D'yana Boutique that is Jubah Chiffon Paisley (RM169.90)..The Paisley design in pink and This Jubah/ Maxi Dress is chiffon material with full lining that have a simple belt provided..This Jubah came out with several sizes from small to big can choose yours now..

and I match this Jubah/ Maxidress with My Own Custom-made Shawl in variant pink..This Custom-made shawl was made with a very good material..I choose to make it bigger and wide sizes so it give more coverage and can do my favourite hijab style..
I know, there is a request for me to do a hijab tutorial on how I usually wear my hijabs style..but you still can browse so many hijab style on Youtube from a professional gurus as well..but still, I'll try my best to make the tutorial if I'm free and get an help from my sisters/friend to record it for me..hehehee..InShaaAlah, sooner or later I'll share it with my readers and lovely friends :)
Thank You so much for supporting me..May Allah bless you all..AMIN~

What I Wear:-
Plain Shawl  |  My Own Customade
Jubah Chiffon Paisley  |  D'yana Boutique
Black Wedges  |  Forever21
Gold Pendant Bracelet  |  Vincci Accessories
Rossa Exclusive watch  |  Sophie Paris

Thank You for reading this ^_^


Disclaimer:  This Jubah and Outfit I bought it myself NOT-SPONSORED by the Boutique I mention..Thank You :)

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