Friday, November 22, 2013

WIW: Lily in Orange Sherbet


hello Supremo!!

I want to introduce my dress that I call Lily in Orange Sherbet..hehee..I bought this loveable Dress from SuriSara..I must honestly say from the bottom of my heart, their collections was Awesome!!! making me fall in love on the first sight..I love most and want all their collections please..They provide good product and service as well..I never been at their store yet but I will..In Shaa Allah..Wait for me SuriSara..heheheee..

This Lily Dress was designed to figure-accentuating..with the black side panels, this dress able to creates an illusion of sleekness with long soft puffed sleeve chiffon dress..The design that flare at bottom completes the feminine looks..this dress comes in soft shade of Orange Sherbet (also available in baby blue)..the size up to 6XL sizes..No sizes decrimination here..everyone deserved to be bold and beautiful..just simply 'sharpen' your confident, than you are beyond Fabulous and Gorgeous.. **cewahhh ayat~~ hihihii.. 

I match this dress with my black pants..and wearing a necklace from Vincci Accessories with the Stripe Scarf from Deeper n Harder..add up my YSL golden chain clutch..Finally, complete the look with my Transparent Wedges from YMS..
Satisfied enough for me :) What do you think? heeheeee...

***posing maut sikit..hihii..***

What I Wear:-
Oversized Shawl    |    Deeper n Harder
Lily Dress    |    SuriSara
Black Pants    |    Lee
Clutch with Golden Chain    |    YSL
Transparent Wedges    |    YMS
Layered Statement Necklace    |    Vincci Accessories
Bracelet    |    Vincci Accessories
Rossa Exclusive Watch    |    Sophie Paris

Thank You for reading this ^_^


Disclaimer:  This Dress and Outfit I bought it myself with my own pocket money Not-Sponsored by the Boutique I mention..Thank You :)

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