Saturday, November 16, 2013

I'm Ugly and Fat


Gosh it is just something I want to share about ME..Some people who always support me no matter what and others they just keep provoke me, which I don't even know the reason Why..Well, I know..Just don't expect that everyone will like you because you don't even like everyone..

The reason I write this because I want to tell you that I'm Ugly and Fat..some people said that I have no confident to go out without makeup or with my bare naked face..shame on me..and I love fashion but I'm Fat..normally Fashionable people they all slim, skinny and tall..I know it..but I just can't resist that I really love Beauty & Fashion..

I do have a friends (just acknowledge that "friend" title) that always making fun of me..of what I'm wearing and do..She/He just cannot see me enjoying my life..I don't know the reason why..maybe she/he just not satisfied with me..with what I achieved and what my family can give me and her/his family cannot give to them..She/He like to spread rumours to all my friends about me..I don't know why does she/he hates me so much..I don't even know Her/Him very well..we just knowing each other because we in the same class..I never have a bad tough about her/him..but who know It went like this..people start to change their mind about me now..I hope she/he happy about it..Thank You soo much!!!

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Maybe in her /his opinion that I don't deserved what I got now because I'm Not beautiful, smart, or slim like others..I must admit it that I am Fat and Ugly!! Goshh!! you cannot imagine my face when I just woke up with my kelawar dress..hahahaa...please don't imagine might be your nightmare...

But Thank You so much for those who always support me..who always accept me just the way I Annoying I can be..sometimes when my anger exploded and I lost my patient..I will turn in to Hulk..ahhaa..Thank You so much for accepting me!! I know it is hard but Thank You soo much!!..May Allah bless us all ;)

For me, Beauty people always easier to get an attention from others..they always be admired by others..but you must remember that beauty will be fades time by time and only left your attitude and hearts..
However, I am SYUKUR to Allah, for giving me a great experience and life..for giving me a Good Family and Friends that always Support me no matter what..for giving me Haters that I can learn how to be a Strong & Brave Person..Thank You Allah..SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH :)

The keywords that I always hold on to and believe it are...

What You Did, You'll Get Back!!!


What Goes Around, Comes Around!!!


Keep Clam, and Stay Positive :)

remember all this 3 magic will change your life and perspective 

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. yg ni klaka
    "cannot imagine my face when I just woke up with my kelawar dress..hahahaa...please don't imagine might be your nightmare"
    its ok ..just be just what we are
    true beauty will come out from inside and that we call natural beauty :)
    bila kita rasa kita confident kita cantik then , that's it! kita cantik! ^__^

  2. Always be grateful with whatever Allah had granted us. After all, we are still alive and can breath the normal oxygen. Live ur life to the fullest ;)

    1. Alhamdulillah..SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH..
      terima kasih Ya Allah :)

  3. Be calm pika.. U already pretty! ^_^

    1. soo sweet kak anis ni..
      thank you soo much much muchhh.

  4. Maybe she's jealous of you...just ignore org mcm tu..that's what I do knowing people like that...

    1. I guess soo....I try my best to ignore her/him ;)
      Thank you so much for your support dear..

  5. Siapa kata yang Pika tak cantik? Memang sah orang tu BUTA! Sejujurnya bagi saya Pika cantik dan comel. Ini bukan bodek ok! Walaupun kita tak pernah berjumpa, saya paling pantang pada orang yang suka merendahkan orang lain. *Macam aku terlebih emosi. Wakaka.. * Cantik pun tak guna la kalau HATI busuk. Huhu. Pika, kurus tak semua cantik dan tak semua senang nak cari size baju. Macam saya, kurus dan petite tapi nak cari size pakaian amat susah. Kadang-kadang size S belum tentu sesuai. Huhu. Pika tak gemuk mana la. Kira ok la dengan ketinggian Pika. Yes, saya setuju yang orang cantik senang dapat perhatian terutama pada lelaki. Tapi tu pada lelaki BUTA la. Kalau lelaki celik hati, mereka tahu menilai wanita cantik macamana. Kecantikan luaran tu hanya sementara. Bila tua kerepot juga. Kecantikan hati lagi penting. Pika ignore je orang macam tu. Tak penting mana pun manusia sebegitu, ok? Smileeeeeeeeee... ^_^

    1. terharu baca komen awak..Thank you so much!!
      Alhamdulillah..Thank you for your support and kindness..
      May Allah bless us all..
      Thank You :)

  6. HAHAHHAHA slalu org kato post ni minta penampo tp POST awk ni mmg minta komen! hahahha alahhh yang oi when ppl r insecure they tend to condemn others! thats it! stay pretty, happy and sayang kat ahkak! hahahhaha

    1. hahaa..thank you komen akak..
      yes, I agree with you..I don't know why they feel so insecure with me..
      Thank You, and I will happy n syg dkt ahkak...muwahhmuwahh.hehehe..