Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I want to go Luau Party with Kinohimitsu and The Butterfly Project Malaysia


Hello Supremo!

I heard that The Butterfly Project Malaysia is having an awesome review project..Say What!! I definitely interested to go!!! The Butterfly Project Malaysia always throw a great events and opportunities for all bloggers in Malaysia, especially the beauty bloggers to experience something amazing, wonderful and beyond your expectation..!! Since I started join The Butterfly Project Malaysia till now, they always make my blogging life more exciting with a great experience..Tammy and the SWAT Ladies work hard and always keep all butterflies happy and enjoy our time..They are AWESOME MOSEMM yawww~ *GROUPHUGS!!

Since I heard that this is going to be the Last Party for year 2013..I am definitely cannot miss this Party..This time The Butterfly Project Malaysia collaborate with well know brand in Malaysia that is KINOHIMITSU.. The theme for this is Luau Party and the lucky 50 Oh-La-La butterflies will be selected base on their post entry and desired..Pika Nak JOINNN!!!!! and the best is I never experience the Luau Party before..have you?? Really making me feel excited .... *jumping jumping jumping

So, Let's straight forward......

The Main Reasons I want to join The Luau Party with KINOHIMITSU because I want to experience the hula hula party style which I never try it before (what make me more excited about)..I want to have some fun with hula hula dance, the coconut jiggling and more.. I want to meet up and minggle with all bloggers while we dancing hula hula style together..(I might need to browse some Hula Hula Dance lesson from Youtube now and practice..hehehee..)..The most important part is I want to try out The KINOHIMITSU product!! Kinohimitsu Product is famous for the beauty drink and It is The Number One Brand in Japan..you know how Japan people looks like right?? how their skin so firm and baby-ishh..hehee..I really trust Kinohimitsu and I want to give a try to their beauty drinks.. and and and I hear that night there will be a Prizes, Goodies bags, and Lucky draw as well (hope I might get a chance please)..and There will be a Winner for The Best Dressed too!! Let's mix the Beauty & Fun together~~~~
So, please pick me, pick me, pick me !!!hehee...
I want to go and having a great night and Hula Hula Dance with The Butterflies and Kinohimitsu !! Please choose Me
*with a cute kitty eyes looks..hehehe

SEE!!! How excited I am with Kinohimitsu  J'pan UV Bright Drink..the taste sooo yummy..
Kinohimitsu J'pan UV Bright Drink containing a high concentration of Grape Seed Extract (OPC) originating deom France..This drinks help your skin brightening and protects your skin against direct UV Rays up to 9 hours while constantly breakdowns the accumulated pigmentation in your skin layers.
.See!! How Amazing this Kinohimitsu J'pam UV Bright Drinks works!!! Trusted Brand~~
Kinohimitsu, freedom to live~

Wish me a Very Goodluck girls..!!
I really hope that I will be selected to join this..
wink wink ^_^

The event Details:-

To join this Hula Hula Party go check out Mamasan Blog for more and further information..

and again,
Thank You to 
The Butterfly Project Malaysia 
 The Main Sponsor Kinohimitsu (facebook)!!!

Thank You for reading this ^_^



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  2. Good luck pika! comell!! :)

    btw, bukan akak dah lama ke follow blog pika??? uwaaaa selalu jadi mcm ni, benciiiii :(

    1. Thank You kak Sabby!!

      whatt!! hurmmm..sadis aihhh..
      takpe2 mungkin akak baru perasan kot pika takde..hurmmm :(

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