Sunday, November 03, 2013

H&M Avenue K Pre-Opening


Hello Supremo!
Last Wednesday (30 October 2013), I was invited to an Exclusive H&M Pre-Opening Party at Avenue celebrate the New Flagship of H&M Store..I am one of H&M lover..I know about H&M since I started my LOOKBOOK.NU and watch the world wide fashionable people wearing H&M the moment I start google about H&M and I noticed that H&M Not available at Malaysia yet (throwback on 2011) ..but then, NOW. They here..the Fashion Store for Fashion Lover..YEEHAAAAAAAA~

H&M always received the massive respond from Malaysian people since H&M come to Malaysia and open the first store at Bukit Bintang..since that, H&M become the favourite store especially for fashion lovers and teenagers..everyone rush out to have H&M collection (including me)..Now, H&M has expand more and more and now The Latest Store at Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur..The New H&M store at AvenueK has 3 floor if I'm not mistaken, Floor for Ladies, Floor for the Kids and lower floor for Men..

and Let's See the Random Photo I SNAP at that night~~

The Latest Collection from H&M~~

some refreshment provided while we shopping....
Mini Charcoal Bread with Chicken Cheese Burger

Mini Doughnut On Stick

Chicken Cheese Mini Burger

and MORE...

and there a performance as well..

with the partner crime of the day Kak Sizzling Suzai..
where people always remember her when ever you want to eat Sizzling food! hahahhaaa..

Since this is and Exclusive Pre-Opening, there are so many Celebrities and Famous people were attend and enjoy shopping at H&M that there are special discount which is 20% for that night to all of us~~

with the hottest mama Dynaz Mokhtar ..

Seriously, This Jacket catch my eyes...

Gosh!! with My Mr.Crush ..Kamal Adli..seriously very handsome and macho in person...
and Kamal Adli wear the Jacket that I like..

with Hero Malaya aka Hero Kak Scha Alyahya, non-others than Awal Ashaari..
seriously such a fashionable guy..Btw, love his pants that night..He said that pants from H&M...

Pick your Favourite NOW!

with my forever favorite star, Scha Alyahya..GOSH!! I adore her so much..I adore her since she started acting till NOW!! I always Support you Kak Scha..!!!

with Old Blossom Box owner, Jazmine ..
we meet again Jazmine!!! olaaaa~

we meet again with Chef Anis..Malaysia Celebrity Chef 
glad that she still remember me..when I notify her about the Dove Event previously..

This black handbag is on my wishlist~

okay, we're done shopping..and  I got what I NEED!!! wink wink ^_^

Happy and Smile all the way back home..

So, you guys, go check out H&M Avenue K NOW!!
or you can go any H&M store nearby..You gonna satisfied with their collection..
everyone must have H&M Collection NOW..find and pick your favourite~~

Thank You for reading this ^_^


  1. ok die dh update die dh update!! hahahaha adoihh akk cecer nk mati baru nk masuk SEPHORA ?? xke giler??? hahaha btw seb beik gmbo i yg 1st tu GORGEOUS sgt but then yg akk kat celah baju tu APEHAL???!! arghhh teroknyer serabot giler upe!! hahahah n another thing xnmpak pon BAG HITAM tuh!! fuhhh seb beik! slmt duit! XD

    1. yahhh..kena update..tak nak entry tergendala..nanti banyak lagi nak kena update.hehehe
      hahaa..akak gorgeous je lah macam mana pun..
      beg hitam tu yang kita nampak bila dah keluar tu..hehee..

  2. So nice the experience! Tak pernah pergi H&M kat msia lagi. Kalau kat russia punyer, mesti ade je sale lagi-lagi end of season. Will definitely go here bile balik nnti ;)

  3. waaaaaaa jelezzzz!!! pika selalu comell

  4. Nak pegi sana!!! In Sha Allah ... Nice post, pika! ;)

  5. Selalu rambang mata kalau pegi H&M ni, selalu pergi di Setia City Mall