Tuesday, November 19, 2013

EH! Party with yang Anggun & Disenangi 2013


Hello Supremo!!

Remember about the last Giveaway I throw..the tickets to The EH! Party at Vertigo Club, The Gardens..
I was happy that I am able to join this party..but I'm quite sad because I noticed that some of the winners who win this tickets did't show up that night..making me a little bit disappointing..Sokeyh then, forget about it and let's move on~~

Let me story a bit about this EH! Party..this party were held to celebrate our Local Celebrities..which they get the gelaran yang Anggun (for girl) dan Disenangi (for guy)..20 local celebrities were selected but only 12 celebrities who able to attend that night..awhhhhh..not complete with 20 celebrities..maybe they have others things to do perhaps..just let it be~~

the theme was Chick & Stylish..I choose to wear Lily Dress from SuriSara that night..I guest this dress does have the Chick & Stylish sense..hehehe..OHHMYY! I super in love with this dress..will update more details Soon ;)

here my girlfriends on that night
you can see beautiful ladies all based on beauty blogger..feewitt..wait for me to get slim and skinny then I can join you girls..hehehee..
and my friend, Biah..who accompany me because she want to meet Anzalna Nasir..wahh..what a big Fan of Anzalna Nasir...hope she happy that night..dapat jumpa artis pujaan gitewww..

performance from Nabila AF2013
her voice amazing..she has a talent..keep it up nabilah..

truely yours with Nabilah and Kak Suzai

girls, what they do....actually, what we do...hihihiii..

then, we have a Fashion Show..
fashion show from the Sponsor for this event, Dressing Paula

a few collection of Dressing Paula..
impressed to hear that they have 8 store in Malaysia...

Linda On as the emcee for that night..she really good entertainer
she call out 3 hot guys..Johan Asaari, Anding, Izzat

There some contest for all audience that night, they have Dancing contest and the winner won a camera from Casio (one of the sponsor for this party) and contest makeup by the hot guy and the winner won Lancome Product (also a sponsor for this party)..Waaaahh!! Congratulation to all winners..

Now, It is the time to celebrate the Celebrities who yang Anggung & Disenangi....

Anzalna Nasir

Bella dely

Emma Maembong

Hanez Suraya


and ada banyak lagi yang tak sempat ambil gambar..hehhee

2 hero yang disenangi Arja Lee dan Johan Asaari

EH! choice yang Anggun & Disenangi 2013

and special appearance, Hot Chick, Miss Fazura..

with lovely girls..Sabrina Tajudin, Truely Yours, Sabby Prue, and Mieza ;)
this is my first time meeting Sabrina Tajudin..till we meet again dear..and this girls have to go back early due to tomorrow is a working/classes days..

with kak Rina Ellisa..we meet again kak Rina..

with my dear friend, Wiida.. Thank You for everything..
still having fun snap picures..this and that~~~

we meet again Awal Ashaari..
this time Kak Scha cannot go due to busy of works..

First time meet this gorgeous in person, Anzalna Nasir..really nice to meet you..
she try her best to entertain her fans..your fan will love you..In Shaa Allah..keep up with positive input..

every one screaming because of her..Beyond beautiful miss Emma Maembong..
she so pretty..also my first time meeting her..

with Kaka..well, she also good in entertained her fans..not so fussy and cool..
Nice to meet you Kakak, this is not the first time I'm meeting her..previously, I meet her at Femes Bazaar but din't manage to snap picture together that time..

J'dore her, Miss Hanez Suraya..she really good actor..love her..
till we meet again Hanez Suraya..she always make me wanna try Aurawhite product but till now, I still din't get a chance to try he Aurawhite product..maybe soon..hehehee..

with yang disenangi 2013, Arja Lee..
I must admit that he know how to interact with his fan and humble..his is how celebrities have to act!
admire his attitude and style..keep it up Arja Lee..!!

hello-hello Nas-T in the house...
this time we have to do a group photo due to lack of time..

another goup photo with My favorite Actor, she really funny and pretty..giler giler style and humble, Sharifah Sakinah..really nice to meet you ;)

Last group photo..credit to Kak Suzai for this photo..because all picture in my camera shakes-shake and blur...

OK, enough..time to go home~~

Overall this party went well, we are entertained with the performance by the celebrities like Nabila AF2013, Kaka and Shila Hamzah..the are fashion show as well by dressing paula..and have a contest for the audiance..they win a big prize from the sponsors..**GOSHHH!! I wish I can win the Lancome Prizes..

but I'm a little bit disappointed because that night suppose the time for the Local Celebrity to mingle with their fan..but what happen is their fans still have to terkejer-kejer just to take a photo..hurmmm..and there a celebrity that sooo sombong and ignore her fans..no one can even take a photo with her.then, I guess she not a suitable to be a good celebrity..I hope you can change laa..You are nothing without your fans..*ayat lepas geram~~ but still, there a good celebrity still interact with their fans eventho they need to go back early..Thank You for appreciating your fans! this is just my opinion and they should improve in future..
May Allah bless us all :)

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. wow love the pics hehe.. I went last year, its nearer to me in Subang.


  2. Wah! I love to read your entry! I want to copy some of your pictures ok? Will credit it to you. Thanks! <3

    1. Thank you..I'm writing this post with honest gitewww..hehehee..
      SUre you can dear.. ;)

  3. Cantik sekali bajumu. Hitam + orange. Aku sukaaaa................!

    1. Thank you..i will update more about my outfit soon ;)

  4. pika, sorry xdtg aritu..bkn xnak dtg tp stuck dlm jammed masa balik dr keje..sampai umh dh pukul 7.30..memang xsempat nk bersiap n dtg..so sorry..

    1. Ohhh, okay2..xpela next time kita jumpa lagi ye kak :)

  5. Wahh! Bestnya. Macam happening je! Hehehe. Btw, dress pika tu cantek sangat. :)

  6. waahahahhh... Fazura the gorjessss!!!!!

  7. HAHAHHA yang ttbe smpai kat post bapak lama ni hahhaha uitt correction LOL bukan Nabilah AF Nadia lahhhh