Thursday, November 07, 2013

Beauty Haul: October 2013


Hello Supremo..
Woww! I can't believe Its November already!! Welcome November!! I know it's kinda late to say that..hahahaa.. but I must do my favourite post every end-of-month that is Monthly Beauty Haul.. Let's talk about My October Beauty Haul..what did I purchase and get for last month..Last Month was massive..Thank You Allah for all that..
So, lets proceed with my Beauty Haul please....

## Maybelline Color Tatoo
I have this babies at the end of september but I consider this as an October Purchase..heheee..for now, I only have 3 color that is Fierce & Tangy, Bold Gold, and Bad to Bronze..Overall, the texture for this is cream eyeshadow..cream eyeshadow normally will last longer than the normal powder eyeshadow..if you have this you do not need to wear any eye primer and you also can use this cream eyeshadow as a primer for your eyeshadow..I will update more on my Review..In Shaa Allah ;)

## Maybelline Hypersharp Liner
GOSHH!! boo me please..I was too late to try out this Maybelline Hypersharp Liner..hahaha..previously I'm using Koshize eyeliner but this Hypersharp Liner also work great..really easy to apply and the brush is nylon I guess so it is soft..the color is black..can lasting up to 6-8 hours..

## Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara
I know that this is the BOMMM!! everyone at least must have This Mascara..Maybelline never let me down in term of their mascara collection..this Rocket Volume Express Mascara really good and suitable for our weather in Malaysia..and this is really easy to remove as well, do not left any black mark under your you will not look like a panda..hehehe..this will help! for those who really looking for mascara, I suggest this! hehee..

## Maybelline Bold Matt Lipstick
another CRUSH I have..that is Maybelline Bold Matt Lipstick in MAT4..the colour true red and bold!!! I really love this lipstick..this lipstick really give a moisture to your lips yet it is a matt me!!! I will update more on Product Review soon! because I want to share how great this lipstick was..

## Sephora long lasting kohl pencil
I bought this Sephora long lasting kohl pencil during Sephora Pre-Opening at Sunway Pyramid..I choose code 01 which is intense black color..This eyeliner lasting wear..and it is creamy texture..when you apply it the color will easily pop out and smooth..what I like about Sephora kohl pencil is the pencil is seem longer compare to any other eye pencil I have before..Sephora product made in France..I will definately buy more soon..

## Sephora colorful eyeshadow
Obviously, I will always love eyshadow with natural or earthtone colour..long lasting
I never try to apply this eyeshadow for long time..apply untuk posing gedik-gedik ja lebih..I choose in code Tiramisu N°86?...tetiba teringat Kek Tiramisu..huhuhuu..I will update on more detail about this eyeshadow on my Product Review Slot..

## Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick
I usually will apply red lipstick color..even my lip balm I choose in red tone but I wish I will find orange or tangerine color..when I purchase this lipstick Its looks like in Orange or Tangerine tone under the light at the Sephora Store..with no doubt I choose this lipstick..but when arrive at home..I discover that this lipstick is in Red Tone..awhhh..but still love it..the code that I choose is It's girl..I can say that this is absolutely cream type lipstick and last longer even when you try to remove it with your hand there still a red stain on your lips..wowwwwww...definately I will make a review about it for more details..heheheee..

## Kryolan Supracolor
 I already update the review about this Kryolan Supracolor..So, let me do quick review for it..I think this is good foundation but I might choose the wrong colour/code for my skin tone so, the tone for it kinda different..but still, it does give good coverage..for more details read my reveiw HERE ..My best advise is when you choose a foundation or any makeup base, makesure you choose the correct shade for your skin tone or else you will look like wearinga mask..just a quick tips..heheee..

## Doll Liquid Liner
I don't know what exactly the name for this eyeliner, but I just name it Doll Liquid Liner because it have the "Doll" shape on it..what I like about this eyeliner is easy to remove and does not left any black mark under your eyes..when you remove it, it seem like been peeled of..GOSH love it!! because I don't like black mark every time I try to remove my eyeliner..wearing eyeliner is really a necessary for me because I want to have a "wake up look" everytime I go to out or go for classes..hahaaa..Thumbs Up for this Doll Liquid Liner..I guess the price is quite cheap..around should try it..

## Avon Glimmerstick Liner
I've been using Avon Glimmerstick Liner since last 2 years..the price is affordable to have around RM15 each (much cheaper when have promotion) ...The eyeliner so pigmented and last longer than your expectation..just one swatch, the colour already pop don't have to apply it so many time..I bought the black colour and give big effect on my eye..hehee..when I feel soooo damn malas nak pakai liquid liner, I will apply this Stick Liner and the colour pop out like you wearing a liquid liner..

## Avon Ultra Color Lipstick
I finally, go out from my comfort zone which is wearing Red or Pink I'm trying Purple Lipsitck!! Say What!!! yeahh..Purple Lipstick tone..I bought this Avon Ultra Color Lipstick and this is the new collection from Avon..So, I say let's give a try for this lipstick..the code is Dream Fuchsia (1202)..which make your lips purple and have some 3D effect I guess..Avon Ultra Color Lipstick have more than 10 colors..from nude to bold can choose your favourite..the color long lasting on our lips as well..

# Everyday Minerals 11-Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set
My another makeup brushes collection..this time is awesome because I bought this from My Deals for RM85 instead of RM450!! about 81% discounted from the original price..what a huge different right?..I'm glad that I surf that time..since this is Limited Sales..but I guess they gonna make it, grab you chance later on..This Everyday Minerals Professional Makeup Brush Set consist of 11 piece of brushes..there are brushes for face and eyes..This brushes Made with soft synthetic bristles and eco-friendly bamboo handles..wait for My Full Review soon..

## Britney Spears Fantasy Twist Perfume
Finally, I have this baby..Previously I try out The Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy (100ml) and I love it and the bottle for Midnight Fantasy soo fabulous..I do love sweet smell of perfume but at the same time I also love the sophisticated perfume smell..but I choose sweet smell instead..Thanks to my sister belanja me this Britney Spears Fantasy Twist Perfume..which consist of 2 perfume in 1; that is Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy..I can choose which one I would like to wear according to my mood..each contains about 50ml..Suitable for my travel..yihaaaaa...

## Sephora Vanity Case
Last but not least, my gorgeous new Vanity Case from Sephora..Big Smile..hehehee..
This Vanity Case consist of several department where you can place your makeup in different stages..
I have nothing much to say because I'm too happy that I'm able to get this Vanity Case..

That all for my October Beauty Haul..some of the Product I mention I bought it myself and some of it I get it as gift..If you like for a more details review for certain product please let me know..I will try my best to do the review..if there is any comment, suggestion or critiques..please let me that I can improve myself in future..InShaaAllah :)
Thank You for you support

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. Waaa!!! Banyak nye shopping! Akak baru tambah dua lagi koleksi color tattoo.. Ada sale dkat watsons. Huhuhu

    1. pika suka sangat..hehehee..
      waahh..good job akak ;)
      keep it on..


  3. Wowwww so many nice products!! Last month I only bought satu eyeliner je..hahaha

  4. Wowwww! So many nice products!! Last month I bought satu eyeliner je...waaaaa hahaha

  5. bestnye!! nanti kita cakap pasal makeup ye? Oh my god! rindu nak jumpa pika and talk about makeup! seriously, one night will not enough kalau nak cakap pasal makeup. :)

    1. omg!! rindu nak jumpa wiida jugakkk..but talk about makeup you're the expert one..hehee..
      I don't think one night will be enough T__T..hahaa..btw, can't wait to see you..muwahhh...