Friday, October 25, 2013

Shooting Telemovie "Kisah Sebenar Bibah" for TV9


Hello Supremo!
This is my very first experience to acting..means acting for a Telemovie..
well, I'm not the lead actor obviously..hahhaaa..I'm just additional actor..ehhhh..lalu-lalang je..xde skip pown..ngee...
Thank You to Kak Asyik and Abg Gorgioo (The Izas Couple) to invite us blogger to join this really great experience..

Telemovie Kisah Sebenarnya Bibah is from Kasih Picture Production..
The lead actors for this Telemovie is Siti Salehah, Pekin Ibrahim and Tengku Nurhanis..This is among the good actors in Malaysia..Glad we had a chance to meet them in person..

Kasih Picture's Team..

some briefing for us..
the summary for Telemovie Kisah Sebenar Bibah
what is the story all about..what roles the actors play and others..

All the blogger were focus listening to the briefs and excited to play some roles..hehehee..

and "ACTION !!!"

see, Kak Asyik play some roles as well, 
I think she play a lot of roles..hehehehee...nampak banyak la muka kak asyik nanti dalam cerita ni..

some candid moment 

Now Its my turn..with Blogger Eazy Izzudin peminat tegar warna kuning
just simply walked pass through and acting like we're having some conversation..heheehee..

I was walked pass though Siti Saleha tu jewww..heheee..
some silent action I guess..hehehee..

After shooting one scene we blogger also want to shoot as well!! picture cannot be misssed
and This place so beautiful..with those colourful umbrellas as a roof ..
I just saw this on Wallpaper but  never though that this place existed in Malaysia..SO,It does! SEE!!

after another shooting..we will do the same..hahahaa....
Bro Bro~~~

Malaysia Actor Pekin Ibrahim play as hero in this movie..
Pekin really friendly and humble in person..

Malaysian Actor Siti Saleha
she play as heroin in this movie and her character is basically we know this story is about her because of The Telemovie title..heheheee..she very cute and talented actress..

Among the blogger who can join for Shooting

Kak Asyik Izas, Fana Chek Saat, Truly Yours, Deq Noor, and Zura (she is talent for this telemovie)

Syafiq Johari, Abg Gorgio Izas, Broframestone, Eazy Izzudin, Syukri Tahir

Honestly, I'm glad to know them in person..They all friendly and talkative..selalu je nak sakat-sakat orang ni..hehehee..Add Up my Blogger Friends..yeaaa..Hope we can meet again sooner or later..and please "say Hi" to me if we ever bump together ehh..since I don't have clear eye sight and vision(budak rabun..tiannn..)..hahhahahaaa..

Thank You for this experience and moment ;)

Don't Forget to watch Telemovie "Kisah Sebenar Bibah" this December 2013 on TV9 !!
we might appear on that Telemovie..or just our back view perhaps..heheheheee.. (still appear what...huhuuu)

Thank You for reading this