Saturday, October 26, 2013

SEPHORA Sunway Pyramid Grand Opening


Hello Supremo!!
I know that everyone knows (especially the makeup junkie) that SEPHORA has opened their New Store at Sunway Pyramid!!!!
I bet everyone has been to Sunway Pyramid and it is among the focus location for shopping..

Sephora is full with value beauty, driven by the demands of bold, excellence, energy and freedom..It represents a contemporary concept that heightens the desire to live and dream about beauty everyday!!
Sephora bringing The Anthology of the best world's best brand to your fingertips..and known for discovering creative brands, highlighting trends..Sephora is an experience total freedom to walk-in, feel, dream, experiment and leave without feeling obliged to make you purchase..All product are authentic and original and its come with beauty..

Last Friday (18 Oct 2013), I was invited to go to Sephora Sunway Pyramid Grand Opening which only opened to those who got the invitation only (its VIP shopping time)..Thank You to my favorite sista Kak partner in crime..hehhee
I uploaded a few (or more) picture on my Instagram..
 now I will story more about this Sephora Sunway Pyramid Opening..

we were waiting for The Runway to go to the Sephora New Store..
The longest Runway ever...start from the main entrance to the Sephora Store
meanwhile we were entertained by a few performance and fashion show..

we were escorted by this beautiful ladies with the beautiful outfit (costume) they wearing..
This beautiful ladies all using makeup sponsored by Sephora..

and the Sephora staff welcoming us very friendly with their dancing

Let's check out the Sephora Sunway Pyramid Store...

the main entrance to Sephora Store..

I bet you can't close your eyes (especially to makeup junkie) and you wish you can have them all in your bad room or maybe you wish to have your own makeup/beauty room!!heheheee..

after explore the store now Shopping time...
we were given RM100 Sephora Voucher that night and we have to spend the voucher only for one night since it is valid only for the special night..I was like jumping jumping on my own..eventho I can't really Jumping with my heels (5inch) on..cause I can't barely stand on those heels for an hours..HAHAHAA..

what I choose to buy with this Gift Voucher was Lipstick, Eyeshadow and Pencil Liner from Sephora..

with Kak Suzai..
Thank You akak, siap sempat balik rumah akak ambil purse lagi..huhuhuu..

The cashier counter..

with one of the Sephora staff..all staff were so happening and friendly..they will guide us and show us some product according to our desire and types that suitable for our skin..rather than that, they also show us the most Best Selling product on Sephora..Now I know what I should really buy..heheheheee..

we back with Sephora gift and our shopping stuff at Sephora..
OMAGOD!! I'm sooo jealous with Kak Suzai because she get the gift worth RM2000 !!! but than, I'm still happy back home with my goodies that is Sephora Vanity Box!! yihaaa~~

Thank You to Sher for this invitation..and thank You to Kak Suzai as well!!
They really make my night go blinggg~~ hehehee..

So, what are you waiting for......
Sephora is NOW Opening at Sunway Pyramid

you can leisurely go there and grabs your favourite makeup, skincare, and body care product at Sephora NOW!!!

for more info and updates you can check out
Official SEPHORA MALAYSIA Facebook Page

or you can directly go to their website

Thank You for reading this ^_^



  1. I spot Suzai! Amboi. You gurls shopping and enjoy the sephora opening! So jelly~
    Also, happy for you girls ;)

  2. Waaa best giler dapat shopping voucher tu! Nak shopping jugak! Hehehe... :D}

    1. yes, best best..hehehee
      jum la shopping..nanti kita pergi ehh..

  3. lepas ini selalulah singgah sunway..he3..

  4. alololohhh cam biasa awk msti dh slamat update hahahhahaha akk yg slalu cecer deq! haha iAllah kt akan bertemu lagi this WEDNESDAY yarrrr jgn lupe! :D