Thursday, October 03, 2013

OOTD: I got a "Tail" to Cover Up


Hello Supremo..
Siapa nak tahu yang pika sekarang tengah gain weight terok..fuhhh..lepas dah makan baru menyesal..kihkihkihhh..funny me but it is the truth..i must start diet and control my eating habit from now on..Support me okay ..

Actually, pika nak explain about my outfit..basically it is very simple and girlish outfit..What special about the blouse yang pika suka sebab dia ada cutting fishtail dekat belakang yang boleh cover up out back view..well, you know what i mean right..we don't really want to show our back view to others..heheheee...and i match up with my red candy pants..i'm so fortunate to get this candy pants with my size cause i have a problem at hips area that only allows me to wear certain type of legs not skinny but still wanna wear skinny candy pants..boooooooo..hehehehee...btw, do mind the slipper I wear..ngehehehe..

Maxi Shawl
Army Fishtail Blouse
Scarlet Candy Pants
Dorothy Perkins Handbag
Fippers Sandal

Accessories: Diva Spike bracelet, Sophie Paris exclusive watch

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