Friday, October 18, 2013

OOTD: Color Splash


Hello Supremo!

How I choose my outfit?? 
First and foremost I will find the suitable design for me and appropriate I will comfortable wearing them!
I easily get attracted by Colorful!!! Honestly, I will choose Bright color instead Pastel or Nude..My eyes easily get attracted to colorful stuff...But I will stuck with is a must have!! hehehe..
I hope you don't call me "badut" or "watercolor" but I just love colorful..But You can call me Rainbow instead! hahahhaaa..Nak nama yang sodap sodap jeww! ngee :D

I'll explain about my outfit, basically I'm wearing Plain Wide Shawl from Qaisaa Hijab that I bought at Hijabster Bazaar..and as for blouse just my Rainbow Blouse that I bought for RM35 ONLY..hehehee..super comfortable since I easily get sweating..hehehee..this blouse help me hide my sweating mark..ngehehee..

Qaisaa Hijab Plain Wide shawl
Unbranded Rainbow Blouse
Scarlet Candy Pants
Pikalurve Studded Handbag ( Forever21 inspired)
Unbranded Wedges

Accessories: Sophie Paris Exclusive Watch

Thank You for Viewing this ^_^


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