Friday, October 04, 2013

Hotel Lost World of Tambun


Hello supremo..seperti yang korang baca dalam entry pika sebelum ni..pika ada mention yang pika and The Butterfly Project Malaysia berpeluang ke Lost World of Tambun last few weeks..the trip was can check out the previous entry HERE...

Kalau korang dah pergi Lost World of Tambun mestilahh kena tidur dekat Hotel Lost World of Tambun ni..yang terletak bersebelahan dengan Lost World of Tambun..nak nak korang yang datang dari jauh contohnya dari johor, selangor or area-area pantai timur ni alang-alang tu jum terus menetap di Hotel Lost World of Tambun ni..

you can notice this signed once you arrived at Lost World of Tambun..

so, Let's Check In!!

The lobby

the reception area

the lepaks area..siap ada TV lagi..

The security guarded well

and Once you stayed here, you are allowed to use the Wifi for free..wink wink ^_^ 

Let's check out the room!!

this is the room for two bed..bilik ni Classical Room..well you can share with your partner and Friends or even stay with your family..really comfortable with the accommodation provided to us..

the special Teh Tarik 3in1 and White Coffee from Lost World Of Tambun..originally branded by Lost World of Tambun..

lay down and watch TV..

The basic stuff needed as always,
For iron you can request from the reception..just call them and they will bring it for you..

We' re having great time stayed here!!

the service was great!

btw, pika nak cerita sikit ni.. time nak balik hari tu pika boleh teringat yang kata purse pika tertinggal dekat dalam bilik tu..nasib baik la teringat and cepat-cepat inform dorang kalau tak, confirm pika dah sampai KL and purse pika masih dekat Ipoh..ayoyoyoo..but, the service there was awesome! they really try their best to find my purse and I'm glad everything still in the purse nothing missing especially My Yuran Fees! awhhh..kalau hilang confirm pika pengsan jap time tu..anyway their service memang worries ;) **recommended**

Feel Free to stayed at Hotel Lost World of Tambun once you arrived!

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