Thursday, October 24, 2013

Churp Out 2013 at Setia City Mall


for those who follow me on Intsagram for sure uolss already know that I manage to go to #ChurpOut2013 !!! jyeahhhh...!!! This time Churp Out 2013 were held at Setia City favourite place for lepakss if rajin laa..heeee..

A lot of activities were held during that time..Unfortunately We did't get a chance to play all games since we came around 6 pm due to Shooting for Telemovie ..(belakon ke??? I will tell you letter on..will update new entry..) some how I'm still happy laa eventho that time raining..alhamdulillah, during we arrive there the rain stop..wink wink ^_^

the crowd was massive..

Hai Cik Fana..still bergaya okeh walupun rumput tu basah..fana pun yakin jalan dengan kasut calaman dia..heheee...pretty!!

posing to show how excited I am..heeeeee...

During this event a lot food stall as well!!
specially for The FOOD LOVER!!! (like me!!!)

Niko Niko Onigiri booth..

I was attracted to this booth because of Siwon Oppa!! 
SO, I was wondering what is My Oppa doing there that time..hurmmm 
*wondering and wondering..

and I get the answer..The booth that have so many crowds.....
KyoChan !!! NEW Korean Chick(en) in town with Super Junior's stamp!!
Now I know what My Oppa doing there..sokeyh, he just do his job..ngeheheheee...

Let's try this out..since this is my first time trying this..

Spotted My Siwon Oppa!!! sarangheooo..hehehee..
The Original flavour was delicious and the Spicy Flavour still delicious but Its to HOT..
since I'm not a fan of Spicy Foods.hehehee..
the price for one box is RM10 for 6pcs of chicken and you can choose you flavour..

Then, there are UMBRELLASSS..
This is for "The Hunger Game: Catching Fire" but I donno how this game works..huhuuhuuu..

not just that.....

All Fashionistas are unite at ChurpOut2013 market..
a lot of Online Boutique and piece from Fashion Icon were there..

and I finally had a chance meet Hanis Zalikha..
I was really hoping that I can meet Keknis at ChurpOut..jumpaa jugakkk..she looks like a barbie doll..

still use all the energy I have to go for another round to make ourself more satisfied..hehehe

the special game and most watch is #ChurpBungee !!

RedMummy ready to fly~~~

and I meet Mek Onie and her friend..
Semestinya Mek Onie tidak ketinggalan kalau event-event best macam ni kan..Nice to Meet You Mek Onie.. Till we meet again yahh!! ;)

Thank You Fana..wink wink ^_^


and I meet Darren!! Can't barely recognize him because his face got sunburn lorhh..
but Darren you still look handsome! hehehee..

Sitting like a boss in the middle of outdoor park Setia City Mall..
Thanks to this comfy doof pillow..hehehee..

okeyh, Tak nak bangun..hehehee..

and There is Giant Bubble as well..
You can play it and pay RM2 get one stick and 1 scoop of soap liquid

this is the step to play with this bubble..

and Jyeahhh!! I made it ;)
its Play time...bubbles everywhere~~~~

Churp Out 2013 was AMAZING!!
thanks to two love birds behind me for accompany me and enjoy our time together~~~
feeling excited..

But still I didn't manage to meet all my blogger friends that time..but ramai yang upload photo dorang at Churp Out on Instagram, Twitter and facebook..maybe I was too late..ngeeheee.

I can't wait for Churp Out 2014 next year!!! 
Than You Churp2 !!

Thank you for reading this ^_^


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