Saturday, August 31, 2013

I want to go to The Lost World of Tambun with The Butterfly Project Malaysia


Hello Supremo!!!, 
OMG!! OMG!! I heard that The Butterfly Project Malaysia having a getaway at The Lost World of Tambun!!!!! ... As far yang pika boleh ingat..kali terakhir pika pergi tambun time pika 17 years old bersamaan 4 Tahun yang lepas..perghhh..lama sangatkan..So, why not..pika nak ambil peluang ni untuk join Getaway ni!! SERIOUSLY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

Let's start with, 
Why I want to go to The Lost World of Tambun with The Butterfly Project Malaysia???

FIRST REASON: I want to getaway from KL stress and works/books and go out for a trip to The Lost World of Tambun..which is the best destination to escape from the busy life in city! The Lost World of Tambun ini antara tempat taman tema yang masih terjaga alam sekitarnya dan kita masih boleh nampak kehijauan disekelilingnya..At least nanti toleh kanan or kiri tu nampak la jugak pokok hijau-hijauan..hehehee...the ride for that day is ETS-Train..wahhhhh..pika tak pernah naik train untuk perjalanan jauh..mesti best, tak rasa kesesakan lalu lintas anymore, Jyeahhh~~

SECOND REASON: The Theme Park!! OMG!!! I want to try out all game that have at the Theme Park its either the Water Park, Amusement Park, and others..pika nak main gelongsor air, flying chair, dan lain-lain lagi!! I Love Advanture..believe me, just don't judge me by the cover..mungkin nampak macam girlish-girlish type..tapi saya suka advanture jugakkkkkkkk! hihihiiii..

THIRD REASON: the most exciting part is I heard they will have The Spa Treatment!!!! The Crystal Pool, The Crystal Spa, Steam Cave, Saphira's Lair and Foot Spa.. I really want to try out all this..Pika nak rehat dan releks kan tubuh badan yang sekian makin penat dengan pelbagai kerja dekat bandar yang sesak ni..

 FORTH REASON:  I want to get chillex and have fun with The Butterfly Members!!! i just want to hangout with this lovely butterfly members..let's share our happiness together!!! I want to capture every happy moment between me and The Butterfly Members and keep it as a good memory..awhhhh ;)

FIFTH REASON: I already do a check list what I should buy and bought to go for a trip with The Butterfly Member at The Lost World of Tambun such as a camera, sunblock, my proper swimsuit, my hat & shade, my outfit and others..I want to keep organize in every movement..yihaaaaaaaa~~

I hope all this reason is enough for me to be the lucky girl please..!!
Please count Me IN !!! Please Please Please......heheee...

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Thank You for reading this ^_^