Monday, August 05, 2013

Glasses Online + GIVEAWAY



Hello Supremo! have you heard of Glasses Online before this?? Glasses Online ni website favorite pika untuk beli Contact Lens sebab pika pengguna contact lens atas sebab rabun jauh..huhuu...kesiannn kan..Glasses Online ni tempat pika boleh percaya sangat nak beli contact lens..dah banyak kali pika beli contact lenses dekat Glasses Online and the service was amazing!! they really take a good care of their customer..and the product they provide very satisfied! 

the website very practical and make it easier to select your favorite contact lenses, glasses or even sunglasses..GlassesOnline makes buying eyewear online easier..Its offers contact lensses and eyewear from more than 100 local and international brands + Nation-wide Free Shipping  + 30 days return policy on all orders + Lowest Price Guarantee  ... woohooo~~ amazing right!

If you're looking for quality eyewear and vision care remarkably low price, GlassesOnline is the place..Its offer a wide selection of high quality prescription eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses and branded sunglasses for both men and women..GlassesOnline is committed to giving you a quick, easy, safe and secure shopping experience..its always-friendly customer service..fuyooooo!

come and visit GlassesOnline NOW! they have a great deal for upcoming Raya toooo!

Collaboration with GlassesOnline..i'm having another GIVEAWAY!!thanks to GlassesOnline for giving me this opportunity to give some rewards to my beloved readers...

I'm giving away RM20 off gift voucher to 2 my lucky readers !!

simply leave a comment down bellow on the comment box your
This Hari Raya, you need New Contact Lenses or Not? : Yes/No

simple ways to wins !! HURRY UP!! Goodluck!!

when the giveaway ends??? RANDOM!! so you guys must alert when I announce the winner! it could be you or you or you and you..hehee..

Thanks for reading this ^_^


  1. Adilah Noor Afiqah Bt Kamarudin
    This Hari Raya, you need New Contact Lenses or Not? : Yes!

  2. Aziri Pauzi
    No.I don't.

    Gua follow lu sbb gua rasa blog lu best.

    This is Mejah. Out.

  3. Name:Imanina Wahidah Bt Nashruddin
    This Hari Raya, you need New Contact Lenses or Not? : Yes !

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  6. Name:Nur Ain bt Roslan
    This Hari Raya, you need New Contact Lenses or Not? : Yes !!

  7. good luck kepada para peserta :)

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