Wednesday, July 03, 2013

OOTD: Red Wine


hello readers ;)

red wine is refer to the color of my outfit not the alcoholic drink okehh..please don't misunderstand yahh..teehee..

The Hijab's Queen Crumple Shawl
Limited Rainbow outerwear
The Pappers maxi dress
Furla Candy Bag
Vincci Scalop Flat

accessories: Yay Peach statement necklace, MNG bangle, Forever21 ring, Sophie Paris Watch

and again, I LOST MY RING AGAIN!!! that is my favorite ring..!!ARGHH... i just want to wash my hand at the toilet and open my ring and i forget to put it back and just go..when i came back to find my ring..its already gone..seriously, my favorite ring kot..!! tidak halal la bagi siapa yang ambil..mungkin takde rezeki pika kot..awhhh..too bad :(


Thanks for viewing this ^_^