Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OOTD: Leopard attack


Hello Supremo! yellahhh..finally pika memberanikan diri untuk pakai my favorite Leopard Maxi Dress from Jessabella that i bought last month! it is comfortable and great material...suitable for those who actually get sweaty easily like mehhh! hahahhaaa..this maxi dress also very long which can fit with my height..normally, if I want to buy maxi dress they always singkat..you know what i meant kannnn..hahaa..nak perasan tinggi jap bolehh? jangan marah haaaa~~ :P

Vincci maxi scarf
Jessabella leopard maxi dress
Scarlet purple outerwear
Nose handbag
Jelly Bunny Isabela gladiator

Accessories: Cotton On bracelet, oversize ring, Sophie Paris watch

Thank you for viewing this ^_^


  1. jarang leopard dress color itam salu brown gold skit.
    tp stil nice.
    napak dr gmba pun dah tau comfy sgt kan :)

  2. Replies
    1. cewahhh..thanks to akak sebab snap kan gmbar..hehee.