Monday, July 15, 2013

My Tangerine Lips Look


Hello my gorgeous readers!

who love tangerine?? yippy! now, pika nak share my current obsession with tangerine lips looks! awhhhh..really fall for this color..I've been search everywhere for this tangerine lipstick..but then, its really hard to find the real tangerine color..but still i do my observation in any beauty store and check out their tangerine lipstick! first of all I'll make sure the lipstick long lasting and finally, i made it!!!! jyeahhhh..

what do you need :-
IN2IT Moisture Lipstick (code: juice)
Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint (color: orange)
Koshize Concealer 

overall product yang pika guna semuanya very affordable and easy to get at any stores in don't have to spend more money on lipstick! i bet this will be good for you plussss it long lasting ting ting ting~~~ walaupun dah makan ke lap-lap mulut mungkin hilang sikit tapi tak hilang sepenuhnya :)

 this is me with no lipstick on..i have dark kinda lips..sobssobs..i know!
somehow, i need concealer to cover the dark area..
normally pika memang tak pernah apply concealer pun dekat bibir..tapi kali ni nak cuba warna yang agak cerah..jadinya pika kena apply concealer..kalau apply lipstick merah or pink..pika tak apply concealer lahh hushhh sikit kalau bibir gelap kan..kalau bibir korang tak gelap, boleh terus apply je lipstick warna Tangerine..No Problem!

Step 1: apply koshize concealer to cover you lips and ensure the real color of the lipstick (optional)
Step 2: apply IN2IT Moisture Lipstick (code: juice)
Step 3: Apply Dear Darling Neon Tint from Etude House on top of the lipstick (color: orange)

easy Step-by-Step !

so, here the result of My Tangerine Lips Look ! what do you think of it??
and please ignore my 'gedik' pose! HAHAA..girlsssssssssssss..fuhhhh~

Tangerine Lips..ChaChaCha!

okay, this is it for now! Hope korang enjoy and get an idea on how to make Tangerine Lips!
feel free to try it out..if there is any question please ask me on the comment box below..wink wink ^_^


Thank You for reading this :)


  1. hehe..comel pika..color tu cantik juga..:)

  2. auwwwwwwwwww so gediks! hahahha looks fantastic on you

  3. cantek kaler tu.. tp sy xboleh pakai sbb mmg xkena warna dgn kulit hehe

    1. sokeyh dear, banyak lagi warna lain u boleh try out..
      btw, thanks.. :)

  4. hehehehe. mengerlip. lip lap lip lap. hehehe

    1. lip lap lip lap laa sikit dah nak raya ni..hehehhee..