Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Malaysia's First Designer Charity Raya Collection


hai korangggg ^_^
today mood nak update pasal fashion!! woohoot!! pika minat fashion eventho i do not have model type of body **sadness** hahahhaaa..! and sorry for the late update and info..anyway, if korang nak cari baju Raya for this year..please keep reading yahhhh! :)

pada 26 june 2013 hari tu pika berpeluang pergi ke Islamic Fashion Festival 2013 (IFF2013) di PWTC for The Launching EMEL by Melinda Looi x Diana Amir .. Big Thank You to kak AMi Schaheera sebab bagi peluang pika untuk pergi ke Fashion SHow yang Grand ni..woww, honestly this is my first time attending this such big fashion show..poor me! i know...hehheee... 

A lot of VVIP and the guest of honor is DYMM Tunku Ampuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Tunku Aishah Rohani Binti Almarhum Tengku Besar Mahmud..woww, i never imagine anything like this..sebab usually pika attend Fashion Show yang simple yet grand...but this on eis exclusive and grand! awhhh..i'm feel soooo small  that time eventho i'm not that small..hahahhaa..

hehee, luckly i meet someone friendly that seat with me on the same table..heheee..seriously i'm super awkward that time..hehee..

let's forget about my awkwardness! hahahaaa..
while the fashion show start we also enjoy the performance by Dennis Lau, Noryn Aziz and Maya Karin..the super talented singer that catch our eyes and attention..good job guys! meanwhile, dering that time kami jugak dihidangkan dengan makan petang..

this is Raya for Her Collection from EMEL by Melinda Looi..
some of the random picture that i manage to take picture with full effort..hehehee..
The new sub-brand by Melinda Looi offers a range ready-to-wear apparel collection ranging from the tradisional Baju Johor, Baju Kedah and the ubiquitous Baju Kurung, to more modem, edgier pieces as well as some sophisticated evening looks for dressier occasions..all wgich will be priced affordable at less than RM500 per set.. and the special is a percentage of sales proceeds will be donated to a selected charity

 price range =  RM380 - RM450

 this is tudung collection from Diana Amir
This year, Melinda Looi invited local celevrity, DIana Amir to come on board as guest designer for and exclusive range of headscaves to compliment the clothing collection. The tudungs will be branded as :Diana Amir x EMEL by Melinda Looi"

price range = RM69-RM89

 Melinda Looi and Diana Amir on the stage

meet this lovely sister..we seat at the same table :)

with kak shera..

pika seronok enjoy for the Fashion show! awhhh, i wish i can attend more Fashion Show like this..hehee..

for more collection of Melinda Looi, it is available at Melinda Looi Showroom, Parson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC,, and

for the one who seeking for Baju Raya for this year Raya collection..why not you guys try some piece from EMEL by Melinda Looi and get an exclusive headscarves from Diana Amir x EMEL by Melinda Looi as well :)

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  1. kak liza suka betul design Melinda Looi ni dari zaman dia ada butik ready to wear kat Midvalley dulu..semua cantik2..bertuah pika dapat pergi :)

    1. wahhh..kak Liza dah tahu brand ni dari dulu..cayalahh Kak Liza :D

  2. seronoknya dpt pergi event ni..Melinda Looi dr dulu mmg best..dr akk belajar lg mmg selalu juga tgk rekaan yg dia buat..sbb ramai kwn dr fashion department so boleh tahulah serba sedikit ttg fashion designer ni..:)

  3. untung dapat pergi event macam tu. lawa-lawa pulak tu semua :)

  4. cantik2 semuanya termasuk kamu...comel...