Sunday, July 28, 2013

ChurpoutBukaPuasa 2013 at Bijan Restaurant


Last Saturday (27th July '13) was an awesome Iftar for me where I got an invitation from Churp2 to attend their Buka Puasa at Bijan Restaurant, KL .. Honestly, this is my first time i got invitation from Churp2 and i was so happy and excited as well..Thank You Churp2..

Located at Bijan Restaurant, Jalan Ceyloy, KL
Alhamdulillah, we didn't get lost on our way to find this Bijan Restaurant since this is the first time for me..and i'm not stuck on the traffic jam as well, lucky me! hehehee..

 we early! Fana, Kak Asyik and Me..
phototag is my peneman setia..thank you :)


photobooth with the props provided! #ChurpoutBukaPuasa2013

with this two lovely ladies..seronok bila ada geng kann..hihii...

the decoration for this Bijan Restaurant where I can say it is exclusive decoration..
makanan yang terhidang pun sedap2!! sampai kembung perut pika..hihiii..

Thank You Churp2 for this Card Raya! my first Card Raya I received for this year..hihii..
i got my Polaroid Picture as well..teehee~~

our table full with foods! we randomly pick anything from the buffet..from the main menu until the dessert.. and put it on the table and share along together! OMG, we eating like a Caveman! HAHAHAA..

Dinner time entertainment is a performance by Clement and Kristal ..

and there also a few game where Churpers can play along with and get a special gift from Churp2!!
Congratulation for the winners! :DD

Then, after we done eating and playing game and all that..let's have a group photo~~

this is my first time meeting RedMummy..among the famous blogger in Malaysia i guess..hihii..

I had a great time spending my Iftar on that day with Churp2 and my blogger friends..
hope I will get this great opportunity in future..and will be invited again on any event by Churp2..yeayyy~~

Thank You for reading this ^_^


  1. xtahu nk komen apa dah tp event ni terbaiklah..:)

  2. wah.. bestnya.. restoran bijan ni first time dengar

  3. dh mcm raya plak tgk..
    mmg best kalau dpt jemputan cmni :)

    1. yup! mmg best..sambutan meriah pulak tu..hihii..

  4. puas hati dapat makan free..
    biasanya kena bayar brape ek satu kepala?

    1. yes, puas hati la mkn free..hehehe..
      tak sure berapa sekepala...hihii..