Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beauty Haul: Mid-July edition


Hello Supremo! recently there a few products i bought at beauty counter/store and ada jugak yang pika dapat as a gift(get lucky somehow!)..so, i would like to make a beauty haul for the product..I will be more active on my beauty haul after watch thousand of coolest video from youtube about them share of their beauty product..and i also would like to share with my readers as well...making a video haul??? NVM...i get shy easily so i just gonna write it down...HAHAHHAHAHAAA..

**start from left**

#1. Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
this tea tree oil from body shop that i get from the last event i attend at the Cosmopolitan Hunks 2013..i swatch it out..but, i'm apply it on my face still it smell nice .. It is a naturally infused targeted solution to help clear blemishes quickly and effectively without overdrying the skin..just simple apply onto the blemish area using your finger or cotton bud..

#2. Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash
this tea tree facial wash from body shop smells good i must say and it say this can help to remove excess sebum..this is basically a refreshing daily gel-based facial wash..the smell is good and this is inform of gel type..

#3. Body Shop Perfume Oil 
I've try Body Shop Perfume ofcourse and i get my favorite scents that is Vanilla..luckily, there 2 bottle of it with different scent that is Madagascan Vanilla Flower (top) and Atlas Mountain Rose (bottom)..awhhh, i got more lucky because it is normally will cost me for RM55 per bottle and this time I get it for freeeeeeeeeeee..yihaaaaa~~This Perfume Oil id Alcohol-Free! suitable for solat as well..

#4. L'oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara
I get attracted to the packaging..the design of the packaging is really sophisticated gitew..my mascara is running out..so, i need mascara in no time..hahaa..finally decide i wanna try new type of mascara and I try this Mascara from L'oreal that is Lash Architect 4D Mascara..and I'm quite impress with the result and it does give some falsie lashes effect!..hehehee..the price for this Mascara is RM59.40 I bought at Parson, Sunway Pyramid..

#5. Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint in orange
since my current obsession is in Tangerine Lips Look..so, i try my best to find the correct Tangerine Lips Look..and for may observation i found this Neon Tint from Etude House that cost me for RM39.90 only..this really give some neon effect plus the taste and smell are really good...rasa macam nak makan je..teehee..

#6: IN2IT Moisture Lipstick in juice  
together along with the Tangerine Lips Look obsession.. i bought this Moisture Lipstick from IN2IT code juice..it does give tangerine look but it nearly to red but still we can see the tangerine color..the reason i bought this beacuse it is long lasting! impress with the result as well..this really gonna be my favorite and i'm gonna try some nude color..if I'm Not mistaken, this lipstick is a Limited Stock from IN2IT..correct me, if i'm wrong..and the packaging is really exclusive design i guess compared to the other IN2IT Lipstick..

#7: Geo Contact Lens
I'm freaking love with Harry Styles and thats the reason I opened my heart to try out the grey eyes look! hahaha..FUNNY somehow when Malay have color eyes..but people can say what they like, just ignore them, they just get jealous with you..kihkihkihh..self spirit! i bought this Geo Lens from glasses online that cost me for RM29 only! very cheap and safe too..the grey eyes look inspired from my beloved Harry Styles..i hope 'our' child will have his eyes..hahahhaaa..**dare to dream big!!!**

thats all my beauty haul..will share more soon.... if I bought/get any product..
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  1. hehehe.. sharing jangan tak sharing tau :)

  2. dah penah try TBS tea tree tuu tapi maca tak berapa sesuai pulak dengan kulit kita. sebab rasa dia macam kuat sangat.

    Loreal 4d tu nampak menggiurkan. mengorat dia boleh???

    review sikit :)

    Salam kenal! dari Blog Coklateyes

    1. okay..nanti pika review mascara L'oreal 4D tu ehh...
      wink ^_^