Thursday, June 20, 2013

OOTD: Blooming Way


hello my pretty readers ^_^

orange and purple are meant to be! hahahaa..pika suka kombinasi warna oren dengan ungu ni taw..semestinya loving my favorite color that is purple!! purple everywhere in my eyes..hahahaa...the color make me feel more calm yet stunning..since i was a little girl, my parents always bought me a dress in purple color..see!! and purple already be together since i was a little girl! ngeeheee :D

whats up with orange?? well, the combination of this two color really blooming your look!
so, pika decide nak match up this beautiful color together..and final result?? Lovin' it <3

wearing the orange Qaleesha dress from KZNabihah Collection..

i lost my yellow glasses double ring during that day..awhhh, toooo bad :(

not to forget my transparent wedges from YMS!

Bonita maxi scarf
KZNabihah Qaleesha dress
maxi skirt bought at The Curve
Le Copine exclusive Handbag
YMS transparent wedges

accessories: Forever21 bracelet, yellow glasses double ring, Casio gold watch

thanks for viewing this ^_^


  1. cantikla pakai shawl mcm tu.
    shawl ke tu?
    elok je labuh depan tu,
    dah try byk kali.
    xjdik mcm tu :(

    overall nice combination! :)

  2. padanan tu nampak menarik lah :)

  3. Orange and purple. New combination. Selalu tengok yellow and purple.