Saturday, June 08, 2013

learn to pose


hi korangg, today pika nak share my look during the innershine camu camu launch yang lepas..since the theme more too purple pika end up choose black as the main colour and pop out with my tribal outerwear that mix up with purple color...which i guess this will match the theme..

btw, this time i really not in healthy condition sebab kena beguk..serious sakit which pika tak tahu pun beguk ni sakit sampai macam ni.adoiiii..but still try my best to wearing something good, to match the dinner theme..teeheee...


Black Pashimna from Mekkah
FYFA tribal outerwear
maxi lace dress
YSL golden chain bag
Forever21 wedges shoes

accessories: Diva statement necklace,  Avon bracelet. Sophie Paris Watch

**photo credit to Kak Suzai for taking this picture for me...

Thanks for viewing this ^_^