Saturday, May 04, 2013

Red & Gold soooo Iron Man


hello, as korang boleh baca review pika tentang cerita Iron Man 3 
pika berpuas hati sangat tengok cerita Iron Man 3 ni..pika tonton dekat GSC Paradigm Mall current favorite place to handout! yeahhh..dah bosan dengan usual place..teehee~~
belagak bebeno gaya cakap kan..ngee..

What for our lunch/dinner??
we choose Pancake House...
mulanya pening-pening lalat jugak nak pilih tempat makan..tulahh bila banyak sangat pilihan pun jadi pening, last-last decide nak makan dekat pancake house je..hihii

The Meal that we choose is........

House Special Set - RM19.90

Spaghetti Club Special Set - RM17.90

Pancakes awummmm!!

who's ready to eat some pancakes??
Yummeyhhh..seriously sedap pancake ni..u guys should try it!! plussss u also can get a discount for panckaes by using you Kad Siswa..just for panckaes okehh..not for main course menu...ngee :D

lepas dah kenyang sibuk nak update instagram..hehheee..typical nowadays kann..

NEXT, shopping is great for realease a stress okehh...believe me..soo, happy when u shop what u like and exited to wear emm! during my time for shopping.. pika discover a store call RED'S REVENGE ..i'm not sure if this new store or dah lama..but when i enter the store i'm feeling like i'm entering

i'm sooo crazy about scarf and accessories!!! hehhehhehh..
now i finally find the right place to shop! jyeahhh....

this is the part of the Red's Revenge Store..when you put your first step on the store..u gonna get maddd!!.. a lot of accessories selling there.. i'm not gonna miss to purchase it tooo!! 

look what i shop that day!! 

andddd what a coincident that i just figure out that my outfit is kinda match with Iron Man color theme..hahhaa..never meant to do that..what a surprise! nampak bebeno exited nak tengok IronMan sampai pilih baju pun sampai teringat-ingat Iron Man kan..ngehehehee..

this red outerwear i bought from Ami Schaheera's Preloved items on the last OBB Prelove Party 
super comfortable wearing it..the material is heavy and its flowy soo nicely!
suites me very well, thanks Kak Ami ;)

pikalurve tribal wide shawl
Maroon Outerwear Ami Schaheera's Preloved
Jessabella Sunny Yellow Maxi Dress
Sophie Paris Fargeau Handbag
Glitter Flat bought online
accessories: MNG bangle, Forever21 Ring, Casio Gold Watch 

hope korang ENJOY reading this!!! hehehheee..just an optional activity of mine :)

till then

Thanks for reading this ^_^


  1. bestnya dapat jalan,makanan tu nampak sangat sedap and you look so gorgeous^^