Monday, May 13, 2013

MOTD: Mirror


hello uolssss...

please click play ;)

the song tittle Mirror new song from Justin Timberlake killing me soo much!!! i'm super in love with this song..the lyrics and melody soooo making me feeling-feeling in love with my heart!!

the thing making me lovingggg this song to much because i know that this song is dedicated for his wife Jessica Biel !! awhhh, pika memang suka Jessica Biel dari dulu lagi..tak lepas nak tengok semua lakonan dia..

the love story for this two love bird among the sweet love story have i heard!!
they start from being a good friend end up becoming husband and wife!! awhhh, seriously sweet sangat!!

for those yang belum dengar lagu ni sila lah dengar..confirm uolss pun melting!


thanks for reading this ^_^

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