Friday, May 17, 2013

i mix it all up


Hi korangggg
today, i'm decide to separate post between my activities/event and outfit details.. from now on and forward till the future..
In Shaa Allah!!..
this is a great idea given by my friend who also my readers (you know who you are). Thank You dear, hope u like it..

since i'm sooo love fashion so much..i try to get rid of fashion in my life but i just can't do it..i donno how..please help me by support and keep updating with me about fashion..if you guys have any request or comment or even question & suggestion please do so (like my friend)..this is good to improve my blog korang pun keep enjoying to read my blog..hehehehe...

 i'll share much more with you guys in future! wish me luck you guys ;)

oversize shawl bought at The Curve
TheLabels Grand Nanny Knitted cardigan
Uniqlo black top
grey maxi skirt bought at The Curve
Pikalurve Studded Bowling Bag (Forever21 Inspired)
YMS golden chain gladiator

accessories: Forever21 studded bangle, Sophie Paris Watch, Sophie Paris Shades

ohhh yaa, btw my makeup all done by using Sophie Paris product!
i'm amaze by the results! yeaayy..

till then 

Thanks for reading this ^_^