Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIY: Spike Bracelet


today is weekend..i filled up my weekend with some DIY Project!! yeehaaa...
today pika buat accessories yang simple yet tempting and rockin' like that is Spike Bracelet
i know that Studded / Spikes is soooooo last year, but for me it is Everyday Wanted !! if we add up some spike / studded this will bring some blooming & rockin' effect especially when it come to accessories..

spotted the gold spike i'm wearing? yeahhh...
today we going to learn how to make Spike Bracelet which is the simple and easy bracelet to be done! believe me ;)

 material needed:
1) Gold Spike (for sewing )
2) Thin Elastic Knitting

with this two item u can get the pretty yet rockin' bracelet ... 

Let Start to make your own Spike Bracelet!!

 Step 1: With the Thin Knitted elastic, start to measure your wrist 
Step 2: Use tape to stick one side of  elastic knitted on flat surface

Step 3: Then time to Start thread the each of the spike. 

 Step 4: Now your Spike Bracelet almost done, make sure with the measurement of the wrist is correct so the Bracelet will fit well on u

 Step 5: then tie a knot very tight and cut of the extra elastic knitted

Step 6: Now Its DONE!!! yeehaaaaaa...

you also can mix up with other bangle or bracelet so it come up with some varieties looks! yawwwww!

 so, this is my idea mix up with my small bangle form Forever21 and add on some Spike! 

 The Final Look so Satisfied!!
gonna be my everyday looks lepas ni...super exited to wearing it 

lets recap the session!! 

good luck for those who want to try this...
In Shaa Allah i'll share with you more about DIY Project soon! lots of idea came out of my mind !!

for those who reading this and wanna try to make this please tag me and send the link of your DIY below..lets share your DIY Project with me..exited to see your Spike Bracelet ;)


Thanks for reading this ^_^