Monday, April 29, 2013

Topshop Personal Shopping with Elfiraloy


hello ladiess...ladies je lahh..tak tahu la kalau ada guys baca blog pika jugak..teeheee~

i had a great time during my personal shopping dengan elfiraloy dekat Topshop, Midvalley on 27/04/2013 (saturday)..starting at 10.00pm till 12.00pm store is only for Personal Shopping purposes..weeheee..much more private time to enjoy shopping at Topshop ;)

elfiraloy in da house..

The Tips Session begin.......

they share some tips in mix pattern which is my biggest problem..serious tak berani nak mix-up pattern sesuka hati..hahahaa..

mix-up Pattern..i'll sure try this mix-up next time ;)

the suggested dress for Prom..

they also reveal the New Topshop Design and others...wowww..hoping for my size please ;)
or i think i should start get slimming session lahh..hahahhaaa..ini semua POYO! huhuu..

plus we all also get 20% Discount Voucher for Normal Price items too..only valid for one day and at Midvalley..


after the finished The Tips Session, this is the time for us to shop till we drop! HAHAA...
like usual, my size is very know what i mean kan =="

So, Denver personally invite me to use the FREE service that Midvallay Topshop provide is make an appointment for Our Personal Shopping  where he will personally pick the best styles for us according to our body shape, event, and also our budget, don't worry sweethearts ;)

with elfiraloy in person!
buat Gwiyomi sikit elfira..teeheee...

ada orang tanya..dia lagi tinggi dari pika ehh?? heee..for sure la pika tinggi dari dia (cara cakap belagak giler minah ni..HAHAA!)..she stand on small stage pika taknak diri atas stage tu sebab nanti nampak tinggi, lebih mesra macam ni..
She CUTE ouhhh ;)


siapa kakak, siapa adik ni?? =="
awek muda betul la Kak Suzai ni..huhuu..i think people will believe me if i;m saying that she still in school..teehee..

with my patner in crime..kak Suzai...hahahaa,,even-tho dia lambat..pika dah sampai Mid, dia baru bangun tidoo..huhuuu..but still kuat kan semangat nak datang..Thanks Sis...

with Denver Leong, Personal Shopper at Topshop..
anything please find him at The Topshop, Midvalley..he will helps us in styling ;)

i bought something at topshop tooo..imma happy kid!..
and perasan tak chopstick yang cute tu..hehee..its a gift from kak Suzai..dia baru balik Hong, pika pun dapat souvenir jugakk..ehehee..Thank you akak Suzai...

so now lets focus on What I Wear that day...................
*for those who not interested please press next button, Thank You ;)

super in live with this loose-like-top from Scarlet! the material so great and i'm comfortable wearing ti! aww ;)

next, my Favorite Transparent Wedges from YMS..ohh yahhh, people asking me about YMS..what is YMS? YMS stand for You Me and Shoes! online business where they provide service in design shoes according to our interest!! Best kan...

my accessories...

H&M kitty-cat scarf
Forever21 loose Top
Lee brown pants
H&M handbag
YMS transparent wedges
accessories: pikalurve statement necklace, MNG colorful bangle, Forever21 rings, Casio Gold watch 

last but not least, My "Trademark" pose!! ngee :D

till then u guysss!

Thanks for reading this ^_^


  1. alolo comel jea pika n suzai..
    elfiraloy cute juga..

    1. hihii..thanks kak astik..
      elfiraloy tu mmg cute ouhh..heheee..

  2. hoho..rajin shpping yer..pe2 comel korang..hee.(^_^)

    1. thank you tahnk you
      shopping itu sudah sekian lama manjdai hobi pika..hehehee..

  3. Replies
    1. adoi, biasa2 je kak hidayah..
      btw, thanks taw :D

  4. wahhh syokknyer dapat shopping dgn retiss...

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