Monday, April 15, 2013

Product Review: Sophie lip liner


today nak buat review for another make up product from Sophie Paris..i'll make all reviews about their product..sharing what i love and not..okehh..hope u guys enjoy it !

next product i want to share is Lip Liner from Sophie Paris..
kalau sebelum ni pika pernah try a few brand untuk lip liner and i find this Sophie Lip liner is awesome! i'm saying this not because i want to attract u to buy it..tapi memang lip liner ni awesome and worth it!!..honestly from the bottom of my heart..if you want to know..u should try it too..

product details:
code: innocent red
net 1.2g

jenis pencil and ada cover to protect the lip pencil tip..the size is normal like usually lip liner selling at the store..easy to bring for travel..

lip liner ni kalau nak cantik start dari v bibir dulu then slowly bring to outer line
make sure u apply at the end of the lip line..
nak lagi lawa and lipstick long lasting..lepas dah line out the lip then fill in the lips with the lip liner..ianya bertindak untuk lipsticks tahan lebih lama..memang, takde la nampak terlalu perbezaan sangat..

this is me with the lip liner and some lip balm..i'm not wearing any lipstick :)
amazing kan lip liner tu boleh buat bibir merah menyala..
plus some effect from the sunlight..hihii..

my review:
- i choose red lip liner and love the color..
- long lasting..woww!! i can believe after eat meal after meal after meal the line still lasting!
- give a prefect lining
- texture of the lip liner memang silky smooth
- easy to apply
- i'm hoping they design for the stick like so tak perlu sharp bila tumpul..hihii..lazy gal!

selain Innocent Red(SLL1) terdapat jugak warna-warna yang lain..contohnya Simply Nude(SLL2) dengan Purely Natural(SLL3)

price for this lip liner is RM7 only!! 
sangat affordable with the usage! rugi kalau tak try...

nak beli dekat mana??
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till then,
i'll share more review yahh

Thanks for reading this ^_^


  1. Replies
    1. makngahhh sangat kan!! favorite lip color is RED..

  2. Nice lip. Lg menyerlah guna lip liner kan ♥

    1. yeahh..lip liner bagi lebih define and cantik :)