Sunday, April 28, 2013

Product Review: Sophie eyeliner


moreee product reviews...heee..
this time memang everyone favorite..what i mean is eyeliner..well, nowadays kalau keluar pun at least calit eyeliner sikit pun dah cukup kan..yesss, lets get to the basic.........

this time pika nak review about Sophie Eyeliner

product Details:
Nett 1.2g
color: Natural Brown (SEL2)

an easy, precise and gentle to apply eyeliner to get that seductive and tantalizing eye finishing. easy to blend to get the smoky eyes effect

My Review:
easy to apply and precise jugak
warna sangat lawa more to natural look-like
easy sangat nak blends untuk buat smokeys eyes
tak mudah comot memang cantik.. TAK COMOT!
cuma jenis pencil, pika malas nak sharp, kalau improve jadi kenis stick pun okay jugak..teehee..imma lazy gal!
overall, memang recommended untuk starter yang mula nak pakai eyeliner
sekali dah cuba memang puas hati sangat
sesuai untuk mereka yang tak reti guna eyeliner jenis liquid
walaupun warna brown dia bukan brown yang jenis cair tu..warna brown dia pekat and jelas more to darker yet to too dark..
something like that..

RM7.50 only
super berbaloi!!

where you can get it?
directly message me on FACEBOOKTWITTER or INSTAGRAM and also can contact me via email
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hope u like my review..please visit the others product review too!!
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till than,
insyaallah, i will make more and more review soon

Thanks for reading this ^_^

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