Monday, April 29, 2013

Product Review: Koshize Precision Waterproof Eyeliner


hi ladies, another product reviews from SOphie!! wahhh, pika buat reviews banyak2 ni macam di sponsor pulak..takde lahh..this product pika beli and pika berpuas hati dengan hasilnya..thats why pika selalu review product from Sophie Paris..more coming up soon....heeee..

but, for now..pika nak share my all time favorite..pergi mana-mana pun mesti kena bawak sebab lepas solat tu at least nak kena apply ni walaupun eyeshdow dah hilang..hehehee that is Koshize Precision Waterproof Eyeliner!!! weeheeeee........

Eyeliner to last all day long

product details:-
Nett 0.8ml
color: black
code: KEPE
made in france

waterproof Koshize Eyeliner with precise brush design to achieve that perfect well-defined eyes.

Thanks to its high precision brush, Koshize Eye Precision Waterproof Eyeliner underlines the eyes and creates a well-defined line.

adjust the intensity of your look. with a think line for a delicately underlined look or a thick lone for a captivating look.

my review:-
sangat recommended especially for those yang selalu guna liquid liner
senang sangat nak apply.. seriously!!
berusnya yang tip tu buat kan kita lebih mudah nak "lukis" (you know what i mean)
design jenis maker so senang tak payah nak celup2 sebab warna tu dah stick dalam tu kita just apply je
senang nak buat "wing" style liner..seriously!!
all time favorite untuk pika
kepada mereka yang nak tukar selera tu boleh cuba eyeliner ni..
better than liquid liner i guess..
waterproof and last all day..
 easy to get rid of it.. doesn't mean waterproof it will stick after cuci muka..
memang best!!

RM20 only !!!
haiyaaa..sangat murah meyhhh...

where you can get it?
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till than you guys..

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  1. eyeliner memang memainkan peranan yang penting dalam basic make-up... ^_^