Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Party Time at Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash


Saturday (at night pulak) i went to Nuffnang 6th Birthday Batch!! Nuffnang Turn 6 this year!! eheee...thanks to sis Suzai because invite me to feel the enjoyment of this Awesome Partayy! ngeeheee..bufday nuffnang ni di adakan di Lust, KL yeahh..guess what? we late! yeahh..kami datang lambat sebab got lost due to stupid map and not working out navigator..fuhhh~

anyhow, follow akak Suzai instinct and the help from Darren (the nuffnang crew) we manage to arrived there..walapun lambat..however..i learnt a lot that day! Very..hahaaa.. (sis suzai mesti faham..teehee~)

basicly me..playing with the props given...
"Everyone's a star at Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash"
sebenarnya tengah seting camera..nak testing testing one two three..pika pun posing aje lahh..

haaa..nampak tak..testing testing one two three gambar gegar..mehmehmehh..

pikalurve tribal maxi-scarf 
uniqlo quadroy jacket
cute graphic tee bought at The Curve
pikalurve studded bowling bag 
lee black jeans
momoe purple suede gladiator
accessories: gem stone ring bought at The Curve & Diva spike bracelet

big smile try to show up all my teeth! hahaa..nasib baik aku tak tunjuk sekali dengan gigi gusi sekali..mesti korang pengsan tengok nanti..kehkehkehhh..

i try na warm up with rokin' style..with the Red Lips
wanna to pin up my look for that day..snot so pin up without a fake mole tho..heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

with Sis Suzai yang comel! feeling the real party here..hihii..ohh yeahhh, not to forget that they also serve a lots of yummy food & drinks and halal ofcoz..but kami tak sempat menjamah atau minum any food and drinks..sila lah kesian kat kite orang taw.. =="

comel kan Akak Suzai ni!! teeheee~ suka lesung pipit dia...nak jugak lesung pipit..please please please!
she's the biggest fans of Bruno Mars such a talented singer! honestly, pika adore all his song too..semua lagu nyanyi Bruno Mars memang best..My current favorite Locked out of Heaven! 

oh yeah , yeah
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
*singing like Bruno Mars..hiiii

time to sing Happy Birthday's Song and blow candle on the cake..hihii..

"Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday to Nuffnang, 
Happy Birthday to you!" 

yeahhhhhh..Happy Birthday turn 6 this year..woohooooo~

pretty cake and looks delicious too! tapi tak boleh makan..sobssobssobsob..

rockin at the at The DIGI Deezer that upping the stakes and taking the party up a notch..
each and everyone gets their gift from DIGI Deezer which they create a very nice art on one small clipboard..each and everyone got different arts..they basically choose one of their song and make an art based on the song..

with the quirky and fun host for Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash none other than Isabelle Zhen from Traxx FM's The morning Zoo's DJ..she partner up with Kevin too..they such a friendly in person..

lucky draw time..well, i'm not so lucky that name not even in the bowl..HAHAAA..

with Pen Merah yang peramah and rambut bau wangi..ngehehee..and Nisa Kay and Sis Suzai..

kami dihiburkan dengan performance dari talented singer..which they cover some famous song! they make us wanna sing along..weeheee~

OMG! this is Derren one of nuffnang crew that help us out to find the way to thr Lust,KL

semua orang pelik kenapa kitaorang boleh sesat.. obviously, bukan tempat pika selalu lepak..hhuhuu..dengan nonfunctional navigator and map with wrong direction..this is a lesson for me, next time if you wanna go out especially the place u don't know, better check on google maps! just a simple tips which everyone already knows..HAHAAA..

with new blogger friends! Hui Ling, Fui Chen and their friends..we manage to mingle mingle and  exchange our URL link..again, what i like about Nuffnang, they gather all blogger..dapat ambil peluang disitu untuk berkenalan dengan rakan-rakan blogger yang baru..
aww:) i love to make a new friends!! please be friend with me..

sis Suzai yang Comel and Talkative  suka la dengan sis ni peramah and sekepala pulak tu..serious sekali je jumpa terus boleh bonding bersama-sama..weeheee~~
thanks sis for the invitation and ride.

p/s: all photo credit to Sis Suzai

i hope that i will get more chances from Nuffnang to go to the great event like this..wink wink ^_^

Thanks for reading this 


  1. hey here! im done reading ur post for NNBB :) how can i get all the photo with u? or only one photo?

    1. hi dear, thats the only photo i have when we're together...wuuuu~

  2. wah wah...seronoknya !! hehe. meriah betul. :D dah 6 tahun dah umur nuffnang :D

    1. wahh..kak namee jejak blog pika..weehee~
      memang meriah kak..yup..nuffnang dah 6 tahunn..hihii..

  3. best kan dapat join event macam ni...dapat kenal dgn ramai org...

    salam kenal..

    1. kannn..dapar kenal ramai orang..suka sangat..
      i love to make a new friends..wink wink ^_^

  4. OMGOSHHH bertuahnya pika dpt pergi..teringin nak join juga tp apakan daya..huhu

    1. alhamdulillah..tu pun atas jasa baik kak Suzai..
      next time mesti akak ada peluang punya lahh..

  5. HAHAHAHA my friend going to crazy with the Photo of Darren xD Nice post babe =D

    1. i'm crazy about! hahaaa.. *just kidding!
      thanks by the way :)

  6. Sedih...
    Gambar kita tak dak plak dalam cerita nie... ha ha..

    1. alorhh..jangan la sedih..gambar yang kita ambil berdua tu gegar and blur..
      jgn la sedih2 ye abg time ambil gmbr eslok2..huhuu..

  7. Replies
    1. hi aidaaa! ye ke..nape tak tegur..kalau tak boleh kenal-kenal..

  8. Woahh meriahnya! Suka shawl tribal trend ye sekarang di Malaysia? :)

    1. yup! memang meriah..
      yup tribal ni agak trending sekarang dekat Malaysia..

  9. ayang oi..syah lah dok promote gmba akk tu sesorg smpi 3 bijik!!! hahaha malu je yg kasi LINK lah sket HAHAHHAHA (upon request) hahaha..xtahan gmba Darren hot smpi 3 hahaha..neway yup ive learned a lot too n thanks a lot dear klu awk xsudi teman xpegi jugak akk.. ;) iAllah we'll meet again ahaaakkkkkss i'll msg u ok!

    1. yeahh! i hav great time too!!
      insyaallah..we'll meet again..weeheeeee~~