Monday, March 04, 2013

Media & Blogger get together at The Labels Bazaar


last Saturday, was my blast day..i got an invitation from TheLabel (fw by Liza Razak) for their "Media and Blogger Get Together" of The Label Bazaar at RASTA TTDI..last minute jugak pika notice about this kena adjust my scheduled for that day..huuuuuu..ayat macam busy girl je kan..

the objective for this event is to create a platform for online business who selling their clothing, accessories, dessert and other stuff.. there almost 50 vendors that participating that day include Norish Karman (NK Label), zawara, Hani Marini, Cufica, KL Fashion Geek and The Label itself..

all media and blogger attend for that day..

personally meet Norish Karman..woww, adore her englishh..huhuu
pretty in person tooo!
she open booth selling her albums, clothing (personal collection), accessories, and specially is rendang with her own secret..tak sempat nak merasa rendang nya sebab ramai orang time tu..wuuuuu T_T

yeayyy, meet another pretty blogger..kami berkenalan dalam blog and she the one who forward to me about this event..thank Kak Liza PypyLamb! hehee...Thanks akak..nanti kita jumpa lagi ye :D

i also meet new blogger friends that day..Kak Sabrina..nice to know her and friendly too! tapi malangnya tak sempat nak snap picture with time maybe :)

now, let check out the awesome booth!

cutee annn..pika beli dua sebab satu nak bagi ibu merasa sebab dia selalu tengok dalam tv je tapi tak pernah rasa, pika belikan lahh..sampai rumah cheese dia dah melting..wuuuuuuu T_T nasib baik dapat jugak merasa...

looks yummy kannn! awww...i don't know how to pronounce this delicious look dessert! 
shame on you, pika!...hahahaa..

Norish Karman collection ! :)
if only i can fit her size..insyaallah..i'll buy one...

love the accessories! NK Label alsoo...

this event also collaborating with a NGO named "Let Put a Smile on Their Faces",  to raise fund for GAZA.. One of the fundraising activities is "Charity Photobooth" and donate to our GAZA fund. any items selling will be donate to GAZA fund
Save Gaza, Free Palestine!

there also have Aida Khalida collection ..honestly memang cantik2..go check their collection now..

Finally, with the girl behind, Diyana Fadila
Diyana also friendly orang nyaa..nice to meet her..actually this is my 1st time personally meet her..sis Liza help me introduce with her..and i'm glad to know her and do invite me for any event next time :)

three of us.. yeayy...let's promote!

go check out now! and shop me......hihii..

vincci maxi shawls
lanna pure white lacey top 
Pink Evil Fashion Supermarket handbag
lee black jeans
YMS golden chain gladiator
accessories: Shawl Attic spike bracelet 

overall, pika suka event macam ni..i think is maybe the best way for any organizers to promote their bazaar! not only invite Celebrity but also invite Media & Blogger who will help to promote their bazaar and activities..with simple meet up and talk end up we meet new friends to..both parties got benefits too..yeahhh..

tidak lupa jugak peneman of the day..thanks budd! moahhh..

till then,

Thanks for reading this ^_^


  1. waaaa.. seronok.. x ajak pun. hehehe

  2. bestnya..hana pown bru je mnngu lps start bca blog pypylamb

    1. hi hana, hehee..ouh, bestkan blog pypylamb tu..

  3. hey, nice to meet u here! hahahh :)
    morning join this event, night join nuffnang birthday bash, so nice! :) im waiting ur nuffnang birthday bash post :)

    1. nice to meet u too!
      yeah..i'll update soon! wait fer it dear ^_^

  4. hihi !! i am here to visit you hehe ^_^ do follow my nuffnang too yah ! muack ~!

  5. sakan pika shopping n jumpa artis lg..hihi
    tak lama lg mesti meletup jenama pika pula..:)

    1. tu lahh..pika ni hantu shopping sikit..hihii..
      jenama pika tu lama lagi..but insyallah..doa-doa kan ye kak :)

  6. da la dapat jumpa artis...mkn sedap lak tu..huuuu

    1. alhamdulillah..makanan haruslahh sedap2 dear..baru perut bahagia..huhu..ehh, boleh cenggitu pulak ye..

  7. hehh xbg pon akk kek yg sush nk pronounce tuh!!! nmpk sedapp gilerrr NAK!!!

    1. tahu takpe..nampak sedap..nak bagi mcm mana..pika pun tak beli kak..pika beli pavlova time maybe :)