Saturday, February 23, 2013

where i parked my car?


at fist when i arrive at the parking lot i'm so confident when i park the car and will remember the parking lit number.. but yet after happily shopping, enjoy my time, eating and this&that..i already forgot where i parked my car..honestly!! this is me!!..

everytime i went out to shopping mall..i wish to park my car inside instead of outside parking site..each parking lot have their number it for our refer where we parked the car..some people even take the picture of the parking lot that might afraid they lost and forget where their parked..this is a great idea, lets be more concern and careful next time.. *remark ;)


Thanks for reading this ^_^


  1. yeah!.. dats correct. i also always forgot where i park. and sometimes need to "tawaf" to find my car

  2. haha! selalu gaq terjadi camni.. next time nak snap pic jugaqlah, good idea tu :)

  3. selalunya ambil gmbr no tmpt parking pastu sekali dgn gmbr pintu msk or keluar nk ke parking kdg2 pusing byk kali bru jumpa blik tmpt tu..kah2..