Monday, November 12, 2012

live while we young


you can see i'm taking my own picture through my shade..howdie :P

do check it out HERE..if you like to know what lipstick i'm using :)
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as my new favorite shade bought at Vincci!! really reasonable price! love the design and have great texture on it! emmmmm..

feeling so fresh even though its sunny!! hahaaa~~

bonita oversized scarves 
collar necklace bought at The Curve
vincci sunglasses 
fishtail dress
turquoise pants
forever 21 handbag

and as i'm comfort with flip flop! yaaamehhh! 

do you love combination of baby blue + pink??? doo? ME TOOO!!
wink wink ^_^

hi, just wanna share a photo during a photoshoot at putrajaya on 23rd October 2012..well, i'm not the model for sure..but i'm just the makeup artishh..what?? not that great..but i've done my work..will update you my arts soon! insyaallah...heheee...
a very short update..hope you guys in a happy and enjoy mood !!

before you end reading this.. lets enjoy this superbb happy song!!
*i love Harry Style..muahhhh..heee~

jangan sibuk-sibuk nak minat jugakk!!  HAHAHAHA :P

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till then,

byee :)

thanks for reading this ^_^


  1. wow pika jd makeup artist..bestnya..btw cantik outfits pika..:)

  2. @Asyik Izas: takde make up artis yg femes tu..biasa-biasa je :))

  3. mind to share where did u buy thats pants? cantik gilaa :)

  4. cik LOLA: i beli dekat One Utama dear..