Thursday, October 25, 2012

it's a Pink Day


i'm coming home .. i'm coming home..tell the world i'm coming home!!! lalalaaaaa~

menipu la kalau pika duduk rumah tak berjalan-jalan.. that's kinda my habit, every time i'm home well i'm not really stick at my house..i just love hangout and having some! well basically..home still home sweet home!!!

this time hangout with my girlfriends! aww ;)
miss emm soo damn much! well, masing-masing busy nak jumpa tu agak susah..and finally dah habis semester..why not....but first let's take a look of my outfit of the day...

i'm wearing cala qisya meggi shawl!! 
awww...finally had a chance to wear this shawl setelah sekian lama beli tak pakai-pakai lagi..heheheee...

ze accessories..
look what i wore! it's collar necklace from pikalurve!
OHMY! in love with collar necklace so much ..even you are hijabi or still suitable to wear this collar necklace...and cotton on bangle mix with vintage red ring ...aww ;)
i lurve to mix&match accessories!

cala qisya meggi shawl in turqoise
collar necklace from pikalurve
simple black top
vintage blazer in hot pink
purple maxi skirt bought at The Curve
purple grape clutch bought from Emmy Zuraihan (
vincci scallop flat in pink

okay done explain about my outfit, as you can tell..see the background of my picture you know where i've been to..teeheee~ (One Utama) actually..i'm kinda have extra money and feeling wanna buy a movie for my girlfriends..and why not ;)

it's movie time......

okay, cerita yang kami tonton ialah SURPRISE!!! ahahhaa..actually saja-saja nak buat surprise dekat dorang and sekali dengan pika sekali kena surprise! cerita yang kami tonton ialah cerita DREDD

rating nak bagi 4 out of 5!
cerita ni best! at first, take time jugak la nak fahamkan..and last-last i was like best siot!!! HAHAA..
so, puas hati la dengan cerita ni..effect dia awesome sangat!! kalau tembak orang tu memang otak berkecai gegila la..nak makan tu kena fikir dua tiga kali..hahahhahaa...

 movie are done ;)

it the time for...eating! NOMNOMNOMM..since pika tak makan dari pagi, ok je ayat ekk..padahal pagi tu dah hentam sepinggan bihun..miahahhahahaa...ok, lets keep it as a secret :P
and continue with my story..teeheee~

T.G.I Friday !!
in here it's always friday

ordering time! 
i was like..hurm nak makan apa ehh..
hurmm..nak ape ye? 
sebab semuanya nampak sedap!! nak makan apa ni? hahahhahaaa..

with mira..she ordering her favorite...

and rabiah...she ordering..ok tak tahu nama apa..nak kena check menu balik..huhuu..
btw, rabiah wearing turban headscarves from Pikalurve!! suites her well! 

since Halloween is around da corner..the decoration is Halloween theme! 
but, we're muslim not really appropriate to celebrate this but we're Malaysian right...we support each other..what ever races you come from we respect every culture in Malaysia...

let's get back to my menu! California Burger if i'm not taste delicious! mestilaa kena sedap sebab harganya sedap...kalau tak mahu den menjerit dalam T.G.I tu! HAHAHAA..

 we are FULL!!

next teman mira shopping she searching for her pants! alaa..untungnya ada kaki kecil! i always dreaming of to have such a small legs so i can wore any pants i like..but it's just a dream...
kalau pika nak mencari seluar..kinda takes time, sobssobss T_T

well, it's a Pink Day at Baskin Robbins!
and i'm wearing a pink blazer!!!

 so delicious!!! wahhh~
i need more ice-cream now!!!

look how Pink am I? 
so, we get and extra scope! ohhsemmmm...

we having a great time!!!
and great time!!!
teringan memori-memori!!..gossiping! like a gossip girls konon..HAHAA..
lepas ni memang akan keluar lagi...weeee~~

till then, 
keep updating with me..i'll update more soon!


thanks for reading this ^_^


  1. if i were you,i ll eat the ice cream till i forget about what im wearing。 huhu yummeh!

  2. okay, burger tu...boleh tolong pos tak?kat perlis ni takde bende sedap macam tu T.T

  3. @beena: hahaa..susahnya nak post burger..teehee~

  4. awesome food, awesome outfits, awesome movie and awesome day..hihi

  5. seronoknya tgk wayang, seronoknya makan eskrim!

  6. @asyik izas: hehee..ohh, penuh dengan awesome! thanks sis!!

  7. Kenapa cantik sangatttt. Omg love the way u dress up! and and i want that pink blazerrrr :')

  8. Such a lovely style & you make me want to go out and get an ice cream (even though it's so cold here in Italy right now!) - It would be worth it though! hehe! Have a great weekend! x