Monday, October 15, 2012

beautiful yet affordable


hello , and GOOD MORNING ..that means as i'm writing this in the morning..heeee..
now, pika dalam peperangan untuk my final examination..2 paper left!! 5 paper done!! memang dalam battleship yang tegar! apa-apa pun do wish me luck ;)

pika update ni bukan nak cerita pasal examination pika, well nobody care about your eaxamination pika except for yourself..teeheee! actually i've been updating pikalurve with pre-order items recently  and i got overwhelming respond from pikalurve's sweetheart! thanks sangat-sangat yang menyokong pika secara langsung atau tidak dan big thanks to those who ordering and keep ordering! jadore' all of you..muahhmuahhh!

kepada gaids yang membaca ini tapi ignore maknanya anda telah rugi kerana items yang pika jual semuanya murahhhh dari harga pasaran!!! i'm not joking! serious murah and affordable!!!

antara the gorgeous items yang ada di pikalurve ialah...... 

ASYMMETRICAL DRESS!!! basically, every girl wish to have this dress! and so am i! pika selling this for only RM39 ONLY! very CHEAP and AFFORDABLE! i know you agree with me sebab market price reach until RM49++ !! tak percaya? pergi la buat research...heee~

do check this awesome dress HERE

this awesome collar necklace..
terdapat dalam perlbagai nak design collar or and feather dan macam-macam lagi lahh yang ada! biasanya harga pasaran untuk collar necklace ni mencecah hingga RM49++ sebab pika pernah beli dekat the curve RM45 ini price after bargin taw..kalau tak harga RM50 something! but guess what? i selling this for RM20 to RM30 ONLY!!!! i'm not joking!! or even joker...

do check other design HERE

tell me what you see?? yes! it's OVERSIZE ENVELOPE CLUTCH!!!! and BOWLING HANDBAG!!! and other FASHIONABLE HANDBAG!!!!
my new sensation!!! really in love with this style! so, i want to share this with all of you..well, sharing is caring pepps! 

do check other design HERE 

 and this!! i don't know what to say!!! this is awesome! and this is BLAZER!!!!! ohh my!! before korang sembang besar pika dah order my favorite design jugakk..hahahhaa...jadi apa korang tunggu lagi..order la jugak sebab piks selling this memang murah CHEAPER ever...boleh banding kan sendiri dengan blogshop or other online store yang lain..sebab pika yakin pika jual memang amat murah and murah! serious ;)

do check other design HERE 


i know you want this!!!, pergi ORDER CEPAT-CEPAT sebab pre-order telah dilanjutkan sehingga 20 OCTOBER 2012!!! siapa cepat dia dapat..ingat tu...heheeee..

for more info or any question
go check out to 



let's get loud!

 spread the love bebeh!!!

till, then..ok, i'm going to study..
esok ada paper..wish me luck people..muahh


thanks for reading this ;)

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