Monday, June 04, 2012

Urban Hijab Fashion at Azyaa Bazaar


hello readers...

pika memang suka involve dalam apa-apa event especially event yang berkenan fashion! so sila jemput saya kemana-mana event, for sure..kalau free memang i akan ikut! 

alhamdulillah....pika berpeluang ke Azya Bazaar at The Strand ENCORP Kota Damansara..dekat sangat dengan my pika sampai around 4p.m lebih kurang macam tu..and balik 7p.m lebih..what a wonderful day

stop by at AidiJuma booth..rembat tudung bawal..super loving it..huhuu..

lots lots lots of emm..

meet lovely Jasmine O.B.B..well known fashion designer and fashion blogger
this is my Third time meet her..

this for plus size people! like me :)

this is how i rockin the party! i'm wearing studded bangle from diva! lovin it..
insyaallah..pikalurve pun akan ada stock ini, but seriously very limited..siapa cepat dia dapat...insyaallah :)

well known..GADIS MELAYU winner!

she trying leopard shoes and buy it!

thanks to rabiahJ and her sister for accompany me..

we are listening to Dr.Azizan Osman talk.......Dr.Azizan ini jutawan tahu...

next, a wonderful talk given by Fiona Talib..ohhmy..she such a beautiful person..always smile :)
and suddenly, she call me in front to explain about how brave i'm to match my color to my mood! "brave yet sweet"..she a professional motivator and always let women feel beauty inside and out!
thanks beautiful!

Dr. Azizan Osman and his beautiful Wife 
his wife so beautiful and flawless plus lemah lembut and fashionable!

what i wore:
turban headscarves from pikalurve
puffy cardigan bought at Times Square
unbranded heart troop top 
lee cooper black jeans
red sandal  from crocodile 
handbag from wardrobe rehab
accessories (mix&match): vincci, diva and bought at The Curve 

balik tu i dapat Goodies Bag that contain a
discount voucher(food) + Wanita magazine + L'oreal facial wash..

this is what i bought at the Bazaar...not much, but worthless!
Tudung Bawal from AidiJuma
Chunky Ring from.....(i'm not really sure what the booth name is,ehehee)

wahhh, i'm having a WONDERFUL time people :)


thanks for reading this entry...


  1. Jasmin O.B.B??tu Jazmin yg terpilih utk nuffnang bln Mei ke??muka mcm same..btul ea pika?ke slh org ek..huhuhu

    Well..again,Pika bershopping!hihihi :)

  2. yess darling..she is the person..

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